Golden Invisible Friends NFT Auction Brings In 497 ETH

Credit: Invisible Friends

The Invisible Friends NFT collection is off to a “golden” start. 

In its inaugural OpenSea auction, Invisible Friends raised 496.6 ETH for its Golden Invisible Friends Specials NFT. That equates to roughly $1.3 million at the time of sale. 

The Invisible Friends team says they will donate all of this money to the RCC Charity Fund. “RCC” is short for the NFT-focused group “Random Character Collective,” of which Invisible Friends is a member. 

On Twitter, Invisible Friends congratulated the winning bidder @ZeroSalt420. In addition to the Golden Invisible Friends NFT, @ZeroSalt420 will receive five Invisible Friends NFTs from the original collection of 5,000. These NFTs will be numbered two through six. 

After its massive initial auction, Invisible Friends allowed whitelisted guests to mint NFTs from the original collection on its website. The initial mint price for one of these NFTs was 0.25 ETH. Once the Invisible Friends descended on secondary sites like OpenSea, the average price temporarily exceeded 10 ETH. Since then, the floor price has settled around the 8 ETH range. 

With over 9,500 ETH traded on its first day, Invisible Friends is one of the most noteworthy launches on OpenSea. Invisible Friends also made history as the first GIF NFT featured on OpenSea’s home screen. 

While the $1.3 million bid turned many heads in the NFT space, Invisible Friends went into its initial mint with an insane amount of hype. Before the February 23rd auction, there were already 500,000 followers on Invisible Friends’ Twitter profile.   

Who’s behind the Invisible Friends NFTs?  

Professional Swedish animator Markus Magnusson drew each NFT in the Invisible Friends collection. According to an interview with HighSnobiety, Magnusson said he was partially inspired by Betty Boop cartoonist Max Fleischer’s style. However, to make his NFTs feel more contemporary, Magnusson added various aspects of pop culture, fashion, and games around his unseeable NFTs.

Magnusson went on to say his Invisible Friends are ideal for customers who are “easy-going” and “kids at heart.” Of course, Magnusson also said anyone who buys an Invisible Friends NFT should have “good taste in art!” 

As mentioned above, Invisible Friends is a part of the Random Character Collective. The two other notable NFT projects in the RCC include SlimHoods and MoodRollers. Both of these collections are also on OpenSea. 

The Invisible Friends team hasn’t revealed specific plans for exclusive games, but its OpenSea page hints at future metaverse integration. On OpenSea’s Invisible Friends’ Collection page, it says these NFTs are already “hiding in the metaverse.”