Immutable Teams up with Transak for Frictionless Payments

Credit: Transak

Immutable, one of the top Web3 gaming platforms, just announced a partnership with the third-party payments provider Transak to improve its services for seamless digital transactions.

With the move, Transak will become the primary payments provider for Immutable Checkout on its zkEVM platform. Now Transak’s NFT Direction solutions, on-ramp, and off-ramp channels will be embedded within Checkout. It will also be available in Passports, Immutable’s non-custodial wallet and authentication solution.

Passports is a secure wallet that can be used across Web3 games and marketplaces. It can be accessed seamlessly without a password, and is one of the company’s primary initiatives to onboard gamers who are not Web3 savvy by making the process of maintaining digital assets easier than ever.

In a press release shared with Rarity Sniper, Yeshu Agarwal, the Co-founder and CTO of Transak spoke to this point, saying gamers shouldn’t have to be Web3 natives to understand how to buy, sell, and trader their NFTs in-game. The collaboration with Immutable, he believes, will help to further remove “that barrier to entry.”

Michael Powell, the Product Marketing Lead at Immutable, said that the partnership aligns “perfectly with our ethos at Immutable.” He added that now it will be “easier for people to play games on Immutable” and have an “optimized experience particularly crafted for mainstream players.”

The partnership is big news for Immutable, which continues to rise in prominence in the Web3 gaming space. Transak allows users to make purchases via Credit/Debit Cards, AstroPay, Bank Transfers and more, and operates in 155 countries. Currently, more than 74 blockchains and 170 cryptocurrencies are also available via the payments provider.

Web3 Gaming Is Heating Up

For gamers and developers on Immutable, the partnership with Transak will make the act of doing business much easier. In alignment with its goals, Immutable hopes that providing a seamless transaction process will help onboard countless more users into the space.

But the new partnership isn’t the only thing Immutable has been doing to build its brand recently. At Rarity Sniper, we’ve covered several articles about Immutable making moves in the space this year. Here are some of the top headlines:

As the crypto and NFT markets show signs of a bull run, many people believe Web3 gaming could be about to take off. If that’s the case, time will tell which companies are the major benefactors from the run. But one thing is certain: Immutable is positioned nicely to be a top contender.