Jim Carrey Reveals Secret NFT Drop

Credit: Everett Collection

The multi-talented comedian, actor, and artist Jim Carrey recently revealed that he secretly dropped a non-fungible token (NFT) collection on NFT marketplace Foundation back in May of this year. The collection, titled Germinations, was released under his alias String Bean with the assistance of Web3 studio Big Head Club.

The small set of NFTs consists of five autobiographical, animated paintings by Carrey, each containing 30 seconds to a minute of audio with the comedian narrating the characters. The paintings were initially composed from frozen video stills and then painted by hand by Carrey himself. After the audio and visuals were provided, they were animated by the Big Head Club Team.

The collection was launched with the intent to explore how society interacts with art, fame, and value. CEO of Big Head Club said that he and Carrey discussed how unfortunate it was that Carrey’s art is only revered because of his celebrity status while the quality of the art often goes unnoticed.

Interestingly, the project was inspired by an experiment in a Washington D.C. subway in 2007 that saw a world-famous violinist playing Bach’s Violin Concerto for commuters during morning rush hour. Playing on that idea, Carrey and Big Head Club decided to launch the collection anonymously.

Currently, the most that was paid for a piece in the collection was .55 ETH. Although Carrey and Big Head Club considered not revealing the fame behind the collection for years, together the team decided it was time to let the world know. And now that world knows String Bean (Carrey’s nickname as a child) is Jim Carrey, more projects and drops are expected.

Celebrities Continue to Launch NFT Projects

NFTs and Web3 technology have opened new doors for creators to connect with fans, and celebrities have been taking advantage. At Rarity Sniper, hardly a week goes by when we’re not reporting on another celebrity dropping an NFT project. Here are three recent stories.

About a week ago, American singer Doja Cat dropped a limited-edition NFT collection in collaboration with the speaker company JBL. The collection is titled “Fresh Fruit Doja Cat x JBL” and was launched in collaboration with Web3 company OneOf. Holders are granted access to upcoming Doja Cat performances and JBL events.

Next, renowned actor Anthony Hopkins partnered with Orange Comet, a Web3 company, for his first NFT token set called “The Eternal Collection.” The collection, which is planned to launch September 16th on OpenSea, is based off famous film roles and archetypes Hopkins has played throughout his career.

Lastly, this summer, rapper Ja Rule dropped an NFT collection called “Black is Beautiful” that raised $25,000 for historically black colleges and universities. The 1,000-piece NFT collection featured 1/1 pieces from NYC-based artist Nick Davis and quickly sold out.

Even as the bear market in crypto continues to drag on, it hasn’t discouraged celebrities from launching successful NFT collections. Now that the creator of Germinations has been revealed, it will be interesting to see if the floor price of the five 1:1 NFTs from Carrey will rise in value. We’ll be keeping our ears to the ground for any new developments in the story.