Laneige Cosmetics Opens Metaverse Store


The South Korean cosmetic brand Laneige is opening up shop in the metaverse. The direct-to-consumer skincare company just announced its first virtual store, an immersive metaverse experience hosted by Obsess.

The store will feature 360-degree video functionality, animation, gamification, and a seamless checkout experience. There are five virtual rooms designed around specific Laneige products and content — and they’re not just any old rooms. They include a floating cloud dreamland, a carousel candyland, and an underwater world.

There will also be an interactive educational “lab” where customers can learn about the ingredients involved in the creation of Laneige products, as well as custom content from Sydney Sweeney, an actress and spokesperson for the brand.

For virtual shoppers who want to browse, not everything in the metaverse store will cost money. There is a free skincare quiz for custom product recommendations, and a virtual scavenger hunt to win products and rewards.

Julien Bouzitat, chief marketing officer of Laneige’s parent company AmorePacific, said the virtual store will allow customers around the world to learn about “Laneige’s unique scientific expertise,” while also helping them “select the right product for their skin needs.

The founder and CEO of Obsess, Neha Singh, said that her company was “thrilled” to partner with Laneige to bring “3D shopping to a new generation of consumers who have grown up with gaming.” She added that metaverse stores are “scaling rapidly in both brand and consumer adoption.”

Obsess has built metaverse shopping platforms for brands to sell digital and physical products since 2016. It has collaborated with Ralph Lauren, Universal Music Group, Mattel, Tommy Hilfiger, Charlotte Tilbury and many more.

Cosmetic Brands Are Bullish on Web3

For fans of Web3 and Laneige products, the new metaverse store from Obsess is exciting news. But Laneige is far from the only cosmetic brand that’s investing time and money in the space. Beauty and cosmetics is one of the fastest growing sectors in Web3.

At Rarity Sniper, hardly a week goes that we don’t cover a story about a cosmetic brand launching a new product or investment in Web3. Here’s a look at some of the top headlines in recent months:

A few years ago, the idea of putting on make-up in virtual worlds would have sounded like science-fiction to most people. Now, it’s become a reality as people want their avatars to stand out as they spend more time in virtual spaces.

Many cosmetic brands, like Laneige, understand the potential of Web3. And they’re using Web3 technologies to sell more than just digital products, but also provide experiences, education, entertainment, and a platform to sell and launch physical products.

If cosmetic brands continue to have success in Web3 and the metaverse, we expect the trend to only accelerate. At Rarity Sniper, we’ll keep a lookout for news about Laneige’s latest metaverse store, and any new partnerships of collaborations from Obsess.