MetaRides & Unstoppable Domains Open NFT Garage

Credit: Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains, the popular Web3 platform that offers blockchain-based domain names, has partnered with MetaRides to release the ‘MetaRides x Unstoppable Domains‘ NFT collection for the MetaRides’ racing game.

MetaRides Racing is a 3D, multi-player, blockchain-based racing project developed by Electronic Arts, the former creators of the Need for Speed game. The game features daily challenges, race nights, the chance to invite friends, multiplayer functionalities, leaderboards, in-game economy, and much more.

The new NFTs from MetaRides and Unstoppable Domains will let players bring their digital racing cars in and out of several metaverses. The digital cars come with unique body styles, colors, and license plates with Web3 domain endings like .x, .nft., .crypto, .dao, and more.

Currently, MetaRides has released an open-edition mint of one million Unstoppable-branded NFT cars ($49.99), and an Unstoppable Garage NFT ($129.99) to park your digital ride. The NFTs can be minted on MetaRides’ website with Polygon USDC, and users must have a small amount of MATIC in their wallet for gas fees

MetaRides was founded in 2022 to create interoperable NFT vehicles, environments, and other assets for its decentralized game MetaRides Racing. With its latest partnership, it can offer its interoperable digital racing cars to millions of Unstoppable Domain users. The company is also collaborating with nearly 60 other metaverse platforms, including Lunar One, Income Island, Frenzland, Beyond Earth, and many more.

MetaRides Racing is expected to launch imminently on the world’s largest digital video games distribution platform, Steam. Its developers intend to bring the game to other platforms like Epic Games Store in the near future.

According to CEO of MetaRides, Mike Hurm, NFTs and blockchain technology are “taking gaming to the next level” by “empowering gamers” to own, trade, and use their assets across “dozens of interoperable virtual worlds.”

Unstoppable Domains Continues Making Moves in Web3

Unstoppable Domains was founded in 2018 to provide digital identities and web domains to onboard people to Web3. Since then, it has registered millions of Web3 domain names and become the leading platform for Web3 digital identities.

Its success comes from creating decentralized websites that replace long crypto wallet addresses with readable names. With its services, users can easily transact with crypto wallets, DeFI apps, crypto exchanges, and other Web3 applications. In 2023, it was named by Forbes as one of America’s Best Startup Employers.

Here are few recent stories about Unstoppable Domains.

About three months ago, the company announced it would launch a messaging service for domain owners at the end of 2023. The new service will let users message domain holders, connect with communities and have strong safety and privacy features. According to COO Sandy Carter, it also enables games, apps, and metaverses to build more vibrant communities through smoother communication.

Next, about five months ago, Unstoppable Domains partnered with avatar-creation platform Ready Player Me to let users create digital identities that can be used across different metaverses. Unstoppable Domain users can now create avatars by uploading a photo of themselves on Ready Player Me.

As more people enter Web3, digital identifies and Web3 domain names are becoming increasingly important. Unstoppable Domains understands this and appears to be steadily building its empire. At Rarity Sniper, we’ll be on the lookout for developing news about the MetaRides x Unstoppable Domains NFT mint.

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