Miami Gardens Launches Virtual City in the Metaverse

Credit: Snatek

Miami Gardens has become one of the first cities to enter the metaverse

In partnership with CEEK VR, Miami Gardens launched itself into the metaverse and created an immersive experience for residents, future travelers, and web3 enthusiasts to explore. The virtual city boasts many of the same attractions as its real-life counterpart, such as Calder Casino, City Hall, Top Golf, Hard Rock Stadium, etc. Visitors can experience the city’s landmarks, events, and more, with or without a virtual reality (VR) headset – such as Meta Quest Pro – online or through the app.

According to Miami Gardens Mayor Rodney Harris, the Miami Gardens Metaverse Experience’s aim is to increase access to the city and inspire people to build with the latest technologies, such as VR, blockchain, and NFTs.

With this new portal to the city, Miami Gardens can be experienced by people around the world regardless of geography. Future residents and visitors can explore their soon-to-be home or attend one of the city’s world-class sporting events – such as the Formula One Miami Grand Prix Race, the Miami Tennis Open, and the World Cup – on their device.

In true tech fashion, the city plans to iterate and improve the experience to make it as immersive and enjoyable as possible. Moving forward, they may bring in new businesses and institutions looking to establish real estate in the metaverse and connect with residents and visitors.

As for the community, this is just its latest push to foster an innovative and forward-thinking culture. The city previously implemented a variety of STEM initiatives to educate its residents and equip them for the future. Time will tell whether that future will be in the real world, the metaverse, or both.

Real-Life Places in Metaverse Spaces

Miami Gardens entering the metaverse is big news for the city and its residents. But it isn’t the only community to enter the metaverse. At Rarity Sniper, we’ve covered several others that have entered the metaverse. Here are three top stories. 

On October 27, we reported that Norway opened a tax office in the Decentraland metaverse. The Scandinavian country opened its office to offer tax services to web3 investors, particularly related to non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and decentralized finance (DeFi). 

On October 18, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) launched its own metaverse city with Multiverse Labs. The goal was to boost the region’s economy and tourism industry. The virtual city spans 1,000 square miles.

Lastly, in September 2022, the Seoul Municipal Government released its pilot version of ‘Metaverse Seoul. With the launch, the South Korean city created a replica of its real-life version for visitors to explore. The government aims to have a fully-functional Seoul in the metaverse for all its city services by 2026.

With so many real-life places claiming spaces in the metaverse, it shouldn’t be long before you can visit your favorite IRL destinations using an app or VR headset. Whether Miami Gardens becomes the go-to city remains to be seen. But for now, it’s an early frontrunner as one of the most innovative.