NFT Holders to Determine Fate of Niall Dailly’s VR Experience

Credit: The DJ Revolution

Electronic music artist Niall Dailly, also known as DJ Plus One, will release his inaugural non-fungible token collection this month, along with an accompanying virtual reality experience. Called “Metamorphic,” the NFT drop will feature a mix of full album tokens and individual songs tokens. The price per individual song NFT will be 1 ETH or $1,333 at the time of this writing.

The album drop is highly exclusive, with “interested parties” asked to contact the drop team to interview with Dailly himself. The reason being, is that holders of the album tokens will have the final say in whether the VR experience will remain open to the public or become token-gated content.

The VR experience consists of 100 laser-created images that focus on the rise of the electronic music scene in London. Each image will correspond to one song on the “Metamorphic” album, and the entire experience will be available to the public for at least six months following the drop.

In addition to owning an album token, holders will be able to sell the individual song NFTs on the open market. Collectors who accrue all ten songs on the album will be able to claim one of the album tokens if the NFT album drop doesn’t sell out. All told, there will only ever be 10 album tokens, meaning the vote will come down to 10 people or entities.

The NFT drop and VR experience are the result of two years of studio work, beginning at the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Dailly has said that he took inspiration from various Web3 innovators and dove in after being told there is no limit to creativity in this nascent technology space. For the drop, the DJ has partnered with Async Art and BeetsDAO.

VR Becoming a Popular Web3 Technology

While here at Rarity Sniper we tend to focus on NFTs and the metaverse, virtual reality has commanded more of our attention since the start of 2022. And for good reason: more and more companies are using the technology for a variety of real-world applications. Here are three such stories.

First, at the Consumer Electronic Show last week, HTC, a Taiwanese tech firm, announced the development of a new VR and AR headset. According to the company, the new hardware will allow people to enter the metaverse and compete with the Meta Quest Pro headset.

Next, six months ago, Hyundai filed trademark applications related to virtual reality. In particular, the company plans to create VR clothing, footwear, sports gear, and possibly avatars. The move came as Hyundai delved deeper into Web3 with NFT collection launches.

Lastly, seven months ago, Fender and MINI, a BMW company, launched VR experiences in Meta’s Horizon Worlds. The experiences employed a variety of sensory inputs, including sound and visuals.

Niall Dailly’s NFT collection drop and accompanying VR experience is big news for fans of the DJ and shows that some individuals are still innovating within Web3. Here at Rarity Sniper, we’ll pay close attention for further developments in the story.