Salesforce Rolls Out New NFT Tools for Brands

Credit: Getty Images

Salesforce Inc., the cloud-based software company headquartered in San Francisco, just announced it’s rolling out a digital collectibles platform to help brands release non-fungible tokens and build Web3 loyalty programs.

Salesforce Web3 will bring blockchain technology to businesses so that they can mint, manage, and deploy NFTs in a manner that is sustainable, scalable, and safe. It will also connect the NFTs to the company’s customer relationship management system and allow brands to track their NFTs.

Adam Caplan, the general manager of Salesforce Web3, explained that the launch of NFT Management gives businesses the ability to create and manage NFTs through the Salesforce platform. He added that when NFTs exploded in popularity, many brands reached out about the new technology, but they were nervous about their brand’s reputation, security, and sustainability.

That’s why NFT Management was created with safety and sustainability in mind. All NFTs minted in Salesforce Web3 are secured and audited. The company also only works with proof-of-stake blockchains that are more energy efficient than proof-of-work blockchains like Bitcoin. Furthermore, the company’s Office of the Ethical and Human Use of Technology and Web3 Advisory will advise on moral and ethical issues in Web3.

The new integration is the continuation of NFT Cloud, which was successfully piloted in June 2022 to a few companies. Since launch, over 275,000 transactions have been registered by the platform, and companies like Mattel, Crown Royal, and Scotch & Soda have used the platform to mint and safely deploy NFTs.

Besides NFT Management, Salesforce will also link brands to Web3 Connect, which is a new integration that enables companies to build personalized experiences for customers and track NFTs through Salesforce. With the recent moves, Salesforce aims to become a major onboarding ramp for Web2 companies that want a smooth entrance into Web3.

Tech Companies Are Bullish on Web3

Salesforce’s latest tools to onboard major brands and companies into Web3 is a big deal for the space. But Salesforce isn’t the only major tech company that’s bullish on Web3. Here at Rarity Sniper, we’ve covered several articles about Web2 tech companies investing in the Web3 space. Here are some of our top stories.

First, a few weeks ago, Amazon reported it’s set to open its own NFT marketplace. According to reports, the NFT marketplace will link digital assets to physical products that can be delivered to your door. It could open as soon as April 24th, 2023.

Next, Apple has plans to release its highly anticipated headset in the Fall of 2023. The “Reality Pro” will let user experience immersive virtual reality (VR) worlds as well as augmented reality (AR) on the environment. The headset is expected by some to be a “portal” to the metaverse.

Finally, about two months ago, LG, the South Korean tech giant, continued to be bullish on Web3 when it announced its Web3 Blade Wallet on its smart TVs. The Blade Wallet runs on the Hedera network and lets users buy, sell, and trade NFTs via the LG Art Lab platform.

Tech giants around the world are bullish on Web3, and now Salesforce looks like it’s stepping up to be a major player in the space. At Rarity Sniper, we’ll keep our eyes and ears open for any new developments in the story.