NFT-TiX to Release First NFT Festival Tickets

Credit: Exit

EXIT, the two-time winner of the Best Major European Festival, is set to be the first major European music festival to utilize blockchain technology to sell non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as tickets.

The tickets — “NFT VIP GOLD” and “NFT VIP Infinite Experience” — go on sale June 30, 2022, and can be purchased via NFT-Tix, a ticketing platform and marketplace that runs on the Ethereum network.

EXIT recently launched NFT collections with superstars Maceo Plex and Christina Carmela. The partnership with NFT-Tix is in line with the company’s beliefs, that digital technology can be used to amplify real-life experiences.

NFT-TIX is a ticketing provider that utilizes smart contracts to directly connect ticket sellers to buyers, sweeping away middlemen and lowering costs. NFT-Tix stresses fair prices, limited perks and merchandise direct from event organizers to ticket holders, and the possibility for sellers to profit on tickets on the secondary market.

By purchasing an NFT VIP Gold or NFT VIP Experience ticket fans will be buying a premium VIP experience at Petrovaradin Fortress in Novi Sad, Serbia from July 7-10 this year.

Holders of the NFTs will receive:

  • Access to Exit Music Festival’s VIP areas
  • Access to the legendary mts Dance Arena stage
  • Private parties
  • Exclusive merchandise and video
  • Unlockable content and airdrops

The festival features over 1000 artists and over 40 stages and festival zones. Some big names on the line-up this year are Calvin Harris, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Iggy Azalea, Acraze, and leading electronic musicians Maceo Plex, Boris Brejcha, ARTBAT, Afrojack, and Zhu — among many others.

NFTs and Smart Contracts Enter Ticketing

While EXIT festival is the biggest event to link NFTs to tickets and IRL experiences, it’s certainly not the first or only organization to do it.

Here are a few interesting headlines from this year related to NFTs and ticketing:

Many believe NFTs and smart contracts will drastically improve the ticketing industry by eliminating scalping, reducing counterfeit and duplicate tickets, cutting out middlemen, and reducing costs to customers. Plus, NFTs can be linked to exclusive IRL experiences, bringing value to artists and new ways to connect with fans.

No doubt EXIT festival was an amazing experience before NFTs came into the picture, which is why it’s been so successful. But adding NFTs to the mix and the perks that come with an NFT ticket could turn it up a notch for certain festivalgoers this year.