NounsDAO Approves Proposal for Full-Length NFT Film

Credit: NounsDAO

NounsDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization made up of holders of the Nouns NFT collection, recently approved a proposal to commission a full-length feature film starring the Nouns non-fungible tokens. The proposal, which passed with 243 in favor and two against, will task Atrium, a Web3 network of artists, with creation of the film.

According to the language of the proposal, the film will contain a series of short episodes featuring Nouns characters. When those episodes are put together, the result will be a full-length film that viewers can ‘binge-watch’ in its entirety. The vote ended on March 11th at 1:15 pm CST.

The initial budget for the film is $125,000 and will fund pre-production, character development, the script and animation of the pilot episode, and a teaser video for the entire series. The time frame for the execution of these objectives is 90 days, and Atrium artists Zendoubt and HKJAY will serve as the art director and animation director respectively.

Nouns is a unique NFT project that auctions off one NFT per day on its website. It has proven popular with crypto natives, with a floor price of 27.5 ETH ($45,456) per NFT on OpenSea. The collection relies on art that is CCO or free to use by anyone, making it a stark difference to other NFT projects that give holders the copyrights to their NFTs.

All ETH proceeds from the auctions go into the NounsDAO treasury. All told, that treasury holds millions of dollars ready for initiatives. In particular, Nouns is known for its outreach to mainstream culture, with its Nouns glasses appearing in a Super Bowl commercial.

NFTs Make In-Roads into TV and Film

While it may seem that non-fungible tokens and TV and film are a strange fit, some producers are wading deep into the NFT community to blend their series or movies with the new technology. Here are three such stories.

First, nine days ago, Fox renewed NFT TV show “Krapopolis,” which is the brainchild of Dan Harmon, the creator of “Rick and Morty.” According to Michael Thorn, Fox’s head of scripted programming, the show has been a hit internally. The first season will air during the winter of 2023/2024.

Next, two months ago, Movieplex and Cinema Libre announced a partnership to launch NFT films. Through the partnership, Movieplex plans to turn Cinema Libre’s entire film catalog into non-fungible tokens, then sell them on OpenSea. The NFTs, in turn, will give holders access to special features and a community.

Lastly, 11 months ago, Coinbase partnered with the Bored Ape Yacht Club to produce films about the NFT collection. The films, initially called “The Degen Trilogy,” will feature actual Apes from the NFT collection and be “wallet-gated” on the Coinbase website after their debuts.

As the news above shows, more companies are meshing NFT collections with movies or TV shows, an interesting trend that may grow larger in the future if the movies or shows are successful. Here at Rarity Sniper, we’ll pay close attention to this trend and report back when there are more developments.