Porsche Embraces Metaverse as it Demoes New Macan Through VR Headsets

Porsche is stepping into the metaverse to provide the next generation of product demonstrations and media tech briefings.

At its latest Technology Workshop where the luxury vehicle manufacturer debuted its new all-electric Macan, attendees were adorned with Meta Quest 3 VR headsets. The move signals a shift away from traditional PowerPoint presentations towards a new one more immersive, virtual reality.

Participants in the showroom could be seen with Meta’s white goggles strapped to their head as they peered into mixed a reality presentation. Meta’s headsets enable users to be immersed in a 3D environment where they can interact with VR objects, move around, and in this case, become better informed about the new electric ride from Porsche. Furthermore, people who were not on-site could tune in for the presentation.

Alex Goy, a British motoring journalist, said it was “genuinely fascinating,” and that it gives a “deeper impression” than you would get “with a 2D show or a graphic on a screen.” Another attendee remarked that the VR presentation already felt like “second nature,” and that the storyline flows like a “traditional presentation,” but you’re immersed and “surrounded by it.”

One advantage of 3D modeling is it allows users to view models from various perspectives and angles, providing a clearer understanding than could be achieved by viewing a flat image. Attendees can follow a voice like a more traditional presentation, but also receive the visual impact of a real-life exhibit, potentially making content more meaningful.

Luxury Car Companies in Web3

A mixed reality presentation by Porsche with participants in Meta Quest 3 headsets has a futuristic sound to it, but the move should come as no surprise. Porsche has been building in Web3 for some time, and it’s not the only luxury car company doing so. At Rarity Sniper, we’ve covered several renowned car manufacturers investing and experimenting in Web3.

Here are some of the top headlines:

Vehicle-themed NFT collections, in-car artificial intelligence features, and informative metaverse experiences the applications of Web3 technologies in the car industry are vast. But with the latest innovation from Porsche and Meta, the days of journalists scribbling in their notebooks watching a PowerPoint presentation could be over.

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