Ronaldo Undergoes Lie Detector Test, Reveals Future in Web3

Credit: Getty Images

Cristiano Ronaldo, the undisputed best goal scorer in soccer history, sat down for a lie detector test with the Binance team. The event came as part of the marketing for one of Ronaldo’s non-fungible token collections, and in it, he revealed some surprising truths about his involvement in the burgeoning Web3 space.

Ronaldo shared that not only does he plan to release more NFT collections (he has launched two already), but he also actually owns non-fungible tokens. The lie detector confirmed his answers as truths.

CR7, as he is often known, has taken an unusual path in the NFT landscape, launching collections in partnership with crypto exchange Binance. His NFTs typically come with IRL rewards, including signed memorabilia or special video highlights. Most of these collections have debuted during the bear market, a time when many celebrities have left the space.

His latest collection featured a mix of his best scored goals throughout his storied career, with tiers of rarity that led to unique perks. The price range was so wide that almost anyone could have bought an NFT in the set, a sign that Ronaldo and Binance want the player’s collections to appeal to his global audience.

Of course, the Ronaldo lie detector test was just to promote his latest collection, and it left many questions unanswered. Maybe in the future, a journalist will ask what NFTs the footballer owns and generate some excitement in this market.

Ronaldo Bets on Web3

At Rarity Sniper, we’ve been covering NFT news since late 2021 and so we’ve seen many athletes enter Web3, collect money, and leave. Few have had the staying power of Ronaldo, who has released successful collections and showed his commitment to the space. Here are three stories involving him, starting in 2022.

First, two months ago, Ronaldo announced the launch of his second NFT collection called ‘The GOAT.’ The set focused on the skill that has made Ronaldo famous — his goal-scoring ability — and allows interested users to collect NFTs that represent different goals the footballer has scored throughout his career.

Next, 10 months ago, CR7 debuted his initial NFT collection in partnership with Binance. The set featured seven exclusive animated statues sorted into four rarity tiers. The tokens highlighted different moments throughout the player’s career, including some during his childhood in Portugal.

Lastly, about a year ago, Ronaldo inked a partnership with Binance to start his Web3 journey. As part of the deal, multiple Ronaldo NFT collections will be created and released through the crypto exchange’s marketplace. The footballer commented that the NFTs would allow him to bring “unprecedented experiences” to his fans.

As the lie detector test shows, some celebrities are still committed to the NFT space, even as it struggles during a difficult bear market. Rarity Sniper will keep an eye on future Web3 stories from Ronaldo and report back if needed.