The Rocky Horror Show Makes Web3 Debut

Credit: Rocky Horror Show

The famous The Rocky Horror Show, a theatrical play that explores concepts like gender fluidity and pleasure-seeking, will officially enter Web3 on June 19th with a non-fungible token collection. The TimeWarp set will contain 50 1/1 tokens that play on the blood drip font logo of the show. One of the 50 NFTs will be rare and go for 0.1 ETH ($175).

The team behind the NFT launch is Online Blockchain, an incubator and technology company based in the United Kingdom. Clem Chambers, CEO of Online Blockchain, said in a statement that this collection is the first step to building a The Rocky Horror Picture Show metaverse, and for individuals who manage to snag an NFT, it will be a lucky day.

According to a press release, the company will sell the rare NFT initially on June 19th at 8 am EST. The rest will be sold over a two-week period at random times and varied prices. Online Blockchain encourages interested buyers to pay attention to the collection’s Twitter and Instagram feeds to receive an announcement for when the NFTs will go on sale.

In addition to the NFTs in the original collection, collectors of the 1/1s will receive a free pack that contains nine additional non-fungible tokens based on the characters in the show: Frank-N-Furter, Magenta, Riff Raff, Columbia, Janet, Brad, Rocky, Dr. Everett Scott and Eddie. The company will airdrop these two holders through the Polygon sidechain.

Online Blockchain describes Web3 as the perfect home for The Rocky Horror Show, which may be due to the show’s popularity spanning generations and its explorations of themes like individuality and self-expression, as well as the others already mentioned.

Online Blockchain: Web3 an ‘Inclusive and Thrilling Playground‘

To get the nitty gritty on why Online Blockchain decided to launch The Rocky Horror Show non-fungible tokens, Rarity Sniper spoke a representative in their organization. According to them, this NFT set has the potential to bring fans of the show, which number in the multimillions, into the “inclusive and thrilling playground that is Web3.

“There’s also the prospect of introducing a legion of Web3 ‘Rocky virgins’ to the cultural phenomenon of The Rocky Horror Show,“ the representative added. “The whimsical world the show encapsulates continues to fascinate, captivate, and titillate half a century after its debut and this fandom will evolve and flourish in the Web3 space.

According to the representative, Web3 is all about freedom, non-conformity, and removing barriers. It’s about pushing boundaries, individuality, immersing, disrupting, having fun and exploring new experiences and relationships.

“This is what The Rocky Horror Show has at its core; it transcends generations, geography and sexual ideology. In the words of Dr Frank-N-Furter: Don’t dream it, be it!“ they added.

While the representative would not reveal much about the planned metaverse, they did say the NFTs would be crucial to access it. Building a Rocky Horror-themed metaverse is the plan, and NFTs will unlock “a whole world of opportunities.

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