The Pokémon Company Seeks Web3 Expert for New Role

Credit: pkmncollectors

Will one of the largest video game franchises enter Web3? According to a recent job posting, The Pokémon Company, which manages the Pokémon franchise outside of Japan, is looking for a Web3 expert for its new “Corporate Development Principal” role based in Bellevue, Washington.

The text of the job listing says that the hired candidate will have “deep knowledge and understanding of Web3,” including blockchain technology, non-fungible tokens, and the metaverse. In addition, the candidate should be well-connected with investors and entrepreneurs in the Web3 space.

The prospect of Pokémon entering Web3 will likely excite many enthusiasts of the new technology. While the Web3 aspects of the job posting are small, they indicate that the company is interested in exploring the next iteration of the internet, though it hasn’t indicated what projects it might launch.

The Pokémon Company is a joint venture between video game giant Nintendo and game developers Game Freak and Creatures. When hired, the Corporate Development Principal will advise company leaders on strategy and explore avenues for innovation. This job posting is the first indication that The Pokémon Company is interested in Web3.

Pokémon, as a game, could be a strong fit for the collectible blockchain game genre, one that includes Axie Infinity and others. Blockchain games are known for their addictive nature, likely because users can earn money playing them.

Companies Are Bullish on Web3 Games

While The Pokémon Company’s possible entrance into Web3 is big news, it isn’t the only entity or person interested in developing blockchain-based games. Here at Rarity Sniper, we have written countless stories about Web3 games, blockchain game developers, and gaming funds. Here are three.

First, two months ago, Intella X Games raised $12 million to launch on Polygon. The company will use the proceeds from the private funding round to launch its decentralized exchange, Web3 wallet, and NFT marketplace.

Next, three months ago, Game7 announced a $100 million grant program to improve blockchain-based gaming. According to the company, the grants will go to developers who build tools to improve the industry.

Lastly, five months ago, Sims Creator Will Wright revealed that he is working on an upcoming metaverse game called VoxVerse. According to Wright, VoxVerse will be a decentralized world that relies on cryptocurrency and the blockchain.

As the news above shows, The Pokémon Company will be in good company if it decides to enter the Web3 space. Though, certainly, it will be the biggest name to do so. Here at Rarity Sniper, we’ll keep our ears to the ground for further developments in the story.