UGG Wades Into Web3 with Partnership & In-Store “Smart Mirror”

UGG, the much-loved Southern California-based brand, just revealed its partnered with the virtual try-on company ZERO10 for a Web3 collaboration.

The brand is launching the ‘UGGextreme‘ campaign at its store in New York City, an AR experience that blends the physical and digital worlds by allowing customers to try on different products in front of a “smart mirror.”

A smart, or virtual mirror, is a technology that projects the user’s refection onto a screen, simulating the appearance of a conventional mirror. Some iterations of the new tech, such as this one, implement virtual or augmented reality.

The installation will be available from October 19th to January 19th at the UGG NYC Flagship store on 5th Avenue. Shoppers can stand in front of the augmented reality (AR) mirror and try on different products from UGG while being immersed in UGGextreme’s “arctic tundra.” The experience will bring users into winter storms and a frost vortex, and they can try on real and digital products — like icicle wings.

Zero10 is a Web3 company that builds try-on smart mirrors for shoppers to try on different outfits and digital wearables using augmented reality. The company partners with designers, fashion brands, and stores to create highly realistic try-on experiences. It created the Ugg-inspired pop-up experience with immersive metaverse technology.

UGG was founded in 1978 by Australian surfer Brian Smith in Santa Monica, California. The company is known globally for its warm and comfortable sheepskin boots. The new installation is UGG’s first move into Web3. The company hopes the partnership will help it remain relevant and reach a younger audience, especially as the fashion industry continues to become increasingly competitive.

The Shoe Industry Is All-in on Web3

The smart mirror installation from UGG and Zero10 should be a lot of fun for visitors at UGG’s Flagship store in New York City. If it’s a success, we imagine more fashion and footwear stores will implement smart mirrors at their locations.

But while UGG appears to be tiptoeing into Web3 with this latest move, some of its competitors in the footwear game have been a lot more bullish. At Rarity Sniper, we’ve covered dozens of articles about shoe and apparel brands launching Web3 initiatives. Here are some headlines from the past six months:

As you can see, the shoe industry has been entering Web3 with a full head of steam. But UGG, as the best-known global maker of sheepskin boots, is in a category of its own. Its entrance into Web3, albeit a cautious one, should be exciting news for fans of the unique footwear brand.

At Rarity Sniper, we’ll be on the lookout to see if the brand follows up with another Web3 project, and if Zero10, the creators of the AR smart mirror, continue to form partnerships and launch new initiatives.