Unstoppable Domains Extends Support to .eth Domains

Unstoppable Domains is back in Web3 news with another exciting announcement. The leading platform for user-owned digital identity has added support for Ethereum Name Service (ENS) based .eth domains to the Unstoppable website, making it a one-stop shop for Web3 domains.

Now anyone can buy .eth domains using Unstoppable, as well as other domains like .nft, .crypto, .polygon, .888, and several others. Furthermore, .eth domains purchased through Unstoppable are registered through the ENS smart contract and will have the same functionality as other .eth domains.

Matt Gould, CEO and co-founder of Unstoppable Domains, said “There’s room for all of us in Web3.” He added that Unstoppable was creating “a place to easily buy and manage all your Web3 domains and look forward to adding even more support for leading naming systems and blockchains in the future.”

Here are some of the features:

  • Domain vault. .eth or other Web3 domains can be stored in a private vault operated by Unstoppable, allowing users to purchase .eth without a crypto wallet. Users are full owners of domains held in the vault, and can transfer them to self-custodial wallets at any time.
  • Auto-renewal. .eth domains require annual renewal fees, which can be a hassle and users sometimes forget to pay and lose their domains. Unstoppable offers an optional auto-renewal feature for all .eth domains.
  • Easy check out. .eth domains can be purchased via credit card, Google Pay, PayPal, Apple Pay, Bitcoin and 11 other cryptocurrencies.

In the coming months, additional utilities will be added, such as managing onchain profile data, setting crypto addresses, and transferring .eth domains. Pricing of .eth domains will coincide with the ENS website.

Unstoppable Domains is Unstoppable in Web3

Right now, Unstoppable Domains is on a tear. Ever since the company raised 65 million in a series A funding round last year, it’s been building out its ecosystem one project at a time. Now it appears Unstoppable Domains is on track to be the biggest and best name service provider in Web3. Here are two of the most recent stories.

Last week, Unstoppable announced the launch of the ‘Unstoppable Marketplace’ — the first and largest marketplace built on the dApp Store Kit. It contains over 860 applications users can access. Decentralized dApps, metaverses, and games can reach the growing Unstoppable community by showcasing their Web3 applications in its new marketplace.

Next, in March, Unstoppable Domains announced it was launching a messaging service by the end of the year. Domain owners will be able to send encrypted messages back and forth in an effort to further connect the community.

Right now, Unstoppable Domains looks — well — pretty much unstoppable in Web3. Its latest projects greatly expand the capabilities of its ecosystem, and could onboard millions of new users into Web3. We’ll be looking out to see what users are saying. But for now, when it comes to crypto domain name services platforms, Unstoppable is the company to beat.

At Rarity Sniper, we had the good fortune to talk with Sandy Carter, the COO of Unstoppable, for our upcoming Thought Leadership Series. The link will be posted here once published.