Unstoppable Domains Unveils New Messaging Service Feature for Users

If one company has had a stellar Summer 2023 its Unstoppable Domains, the leading Web3 domain name service provider. Over the past couple of months, Unstoppable has been launching new features for its users at an alarming rate and we’ve been here to report each and every one of them. Today, Unstoppable has unveiled its latest feature — Unstoppable Messaging.

Unstoppable Messaging is a Web3 messaging network powered by XMTP that will let friends connect seamlessly, build vibrant communities, and stay in the loop about their favorite Web3 projects. The feature is fully interoperable with any messaging platform that uses XMPT, including Coinbase Wallet, Lens apps, and others.

To send a message, users only need to type in a wallet address or domain name, write their message, and hit send. Users of XMTP-messaging apps can also message Unstoppable users directly using their wallet address or domain.

The messages feature end-to-end encryption and are stored on XMTP’s decentralized network, making them retrievable on any platform that uses XMPT. This means that no matter what happens to Unstoppable Domains, users have ownership of their messages. This is part of Unstoppable’s goal to give people ownership over their identity data. Users can also block other users and manage notification preferences.

Lastly, the new service will enhance Unstoppable’s customer support and communication with users. Unstoppable users can message the support team directly at support.unstoppable.x.

For now, the messaging service is available for individual users, but soon, dApps, games, and metaverses and will be able to send messages to their communities and sub-communities with a feature powered by Push Protocol, all from within the Unstoppable Partner Dashboard. Unstoppable Messaging is available via Web3 browser and in the Unstoppable iOs app, with Android capability on the way.

Bear Markets Are for Building

About a month ago, we caught up with Chief Operating Officer at Unstoppable Domains, Sandy Carter, to talk about the company’s vision for the future. Among other things, we learned that the team at Unstoppable is focused on one thing during the bear market: building. If you haven’t read the interview, check it out here.

Since then, Unstoppable has released several new features to expand its ecosystem and bring value to its users. Here are the top stories of the month from Unstoppable Domains.

First, on July 17th, Unstoppable made Web3 headlines when it integrated Ethereum ENS-based .eth domains onto its platform, making it a one-stop shop for Web3 domains. A few weeks later, the company launched Unstoppable Blue, a premium membership for Ethereum Name Service (ENS) .eth domain holders. The new feature gives .eth domain holders access to Unstoppable’s long list of digital identity features.

Next, on July 13th, Unstoppable made waves in Web3 waters when it announced the launch of the ‘Unstoppable Marketplace.’ The new marketplace, built on the dApp Store Kit and incubated by Polygon Labs, contains more than 860 applications and growing. With the marketplace, dApps, metaverse, and games can showcase their latest apps to Unstoppable’s community.

Unfortunately, the prolonged bear market has caused some Web3 companies to throw in the towel. But Unstoppable, as its name suggest, doesn’t appear to be anywhere near finished. At Rarity Sniper, we’ll keep our eyes and ears open for any updates to the story.