Unstoppable Domains Unveils Premium Blue Membership for .ENS Domains

Credit: Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains (UD), the leading Web3 domain name service provider, just announced the launch of Unstoppable Blue — a new premium membership for Ethereum Name Service (ENS) .eth domain holders.

The new feature comes on the heels of Unstoppables’ July 17th announcement, when it made waves in Web3 waters with news it had integrated Ethereum ENS-based .eth domains onto its platform. The move brought UD a little closer to its mission of becoming a one-stop shop for Web3 domains.

With the latest Blue membership, .eth domain holders will have access to Unstoppables’ growing list of digital identity features. Here are some of the features Blue subscribers can enjoy:

  • Transfer up to 50 domains at once in a single transaction
  • List and promote their domains as “for sale”
  • Earn 1.5x more Unstoppable Points. These points can be used to earn cash rewards or free or discounted Web domains
  • Access UD’s website builder to create decentralized blockchain-based websites
  • Every month, users receive credits to mint an NFT AI Avatar that will “live forever” on-chain in the Unstoppable AI Art Collection
  • Access to vaulted domains

Blue members will also be able to seamlessly login to over 500 apps, metaverses, and games from Unstoppable, which can be accessed by entering a domain name and a code sent to their email. Furthermore, the new tool is backwards compatible — meaning it will function even if the user purchased their domain name from ENS.

Unstoppable Domains lets users send and receive crypto easily, build decentralized profiles and websites, log in with crypto wallets, and more. Its biggest use case has been for users to transact in cryptocurrency using a simple domain name (ie. RaritySniper.crypto), rather than a long-complicated list of numbers that are crypto addresses. The platform currently has over 3.7 million registered domains.

Unstoppable Continues to Release New Features & Tools

The new premium Blue membership for .eth domain holders is a smart move to onboard .eth domain owners into Unstoppable’s thriving ecosystem, and after announcing the integration of .eth domains nearly a month ago, this looks like a logical step forward.

But just because the news from Unstoppable Domains isn’t surprising, it doesn’t mean it’s not a big deal. Unstoppable has managed to dominate our Web3 newsfeed this year not by revealing shocking or surprising new projects, but by consistently dropping major innovations and new features for their users.

Here’s a review of the headlines from Unstoppable Domains this year:

We’ll have to be patient to see if Unstoppable’s new Blue membership is popular with members. But considering the company’s persistence in Web3, and the utility it provides users, we expect UD will only continue to grow its numbers.

To learn more about Unstoppable Domains and the company’s vision, check out our Rarity Sniper’s Thought Leadership Interview with Chief Operating Officer Sandy Carty.