Black Mirror Unveils New NFT Collection & Experience on Base

Today, the popular dystopian TV series Black Mirror is launching an NFT collection and metaverse experience called ‘Black Mirror: Smile Club.’ The new NFT collection was inspired by the “Nosedive” episode and was created alongside iconic collaborators and artists.

The project is being launched by Web3 platforms Animoca Brands and Pixelnyx, as well as Banijay Brands — holders of the Black Mirror intellectual property (IP). It is expected to be the first in a series of forthcoming digital experiences.

The project kicked off with a display in Times Square that featured notable celebrities and personalities including deadmau5, Yat Siu, Jesse Pollak, Dixon, Blond:ish and others. According to a press released shared with Rarity Sniper, fans who mint an NFT character (which is possible for the next 48 hours) can enjoy quests, puzzles, social challenges, and earn SMLE point rewards.

The NFTs aim to foster engagement from early adopters by rewarding them with points to be added to their social status, which can be accumulated to rise up the ranks of the immersive world’s social hierarchy. The earlier fans mint the NFTs, the more points they will earn, with the goal of earning a 5-star rating. The NFT characters are also dynamic and will change as holders participate in the Smile Club ecosystem.

Furthermore, the Smile Club will combine digital collectibles and experiences with live episodic content. A pilot episode has already been created with BasedAF, a virtual production platform. The Web3 community and NFT holders could have chance to impact live episodic content in the future, or potentially even feature in an episode.

The NFT collection and experience is built on Coinbase’s Base blockchain, a layer 2 blockchain on Ethereum that launched in August 2023. So far, Base has had quite a a lot of success attracting NFT creators and collectors. The Black Mirror NFTs and Smile Club experience looks like another win for the young but thriving blockchain.

Iconic IPs Continue to Enter Web3

For fans of Black Mirror and Web3, the Black Mirror: Smile Club looks like an exciting way to engage more with the series and earn rewards along the way. But Black Mirror isn’t the first brand we’ve seen take their IP and transition it into Web3. At Rarity Sniper, we’ve covered several articles about brands launching iconic IP into Web3.

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As things start to heat up again in the crypto market and NFT space, there’s no telling what could happen this year. But one thing looks clear: Established brands and IP holders will likely continue to leverage Web3 technologies to connect more deeply with their community and explore new revenue streams.

For now, fans of Black Mirror have reason to celebrate.