GameStop Partners with Illuvium for 20,000 NFT Set

Credit: Illuvium

GameStop, the popular video game retailer, has partnered with Web3 gaming company Illuvium to launch a non-fungible token collection called “Illuvium x GameStop D1SK.” The 20,000 NFT set will give players avatars — called ‘Illuvitars’ — that players can use as part of the Illuvium: Beyond experience.

According to the Illuvium press release, Illuvitars will come with 108 potential combinations, based on six different Illuvials, three background stages, three expressions, and two finishes. They will also have custom GameStop branded accessories and a power rating based on the NFT’s rarity, which will help users to climb the leaderboard.

A promotional email for the collection from the Illuvium DAO says that Illuvitars are “unique avatars that add a personal touch to [the] collecting experience.” Through Illuvium: Beyond, players will be able to customize their Illuvitars, trade them on the marketplace, climb leaderboards for rewards, and showcase them in albums.

In addition to the social experience, collectors of the Illuvium x GameStop D1SK NFT set will gain early access to Illuvium Overworld, a creature collector game, and Illuvium Arena, a strategic auto battler.

The NFT sale will go live on June 12th and be available for 72 hours. Neither GameStop nor Illuvium has shared what the mint price will be yet. Interested buyers can mint an unlimited number of Illuvitars during the 72-hour window. Rarity Sniper has reached out to Illuvium for comment and will update this article when they respond.

Illuvium Builds During Bear Market

Illuvium bills itself as the world’s first Interoperable Blockchain Game (IBG) that features open-world exploration, NFT creature collecting, and auto-battling. Many consider it to be the first AAA game in Web3, a stark departure from other games with low-quality graphics that are focused on making users money.

And it has been busy in the bear market.

A quick look at the blog post section of its website shows that it is opening up for Private Beta 2, issuing patches, and debuting new games within its ecosystem, including Illuvium: Beyond. In fact, it seems intent on creating a suite of games that may function as a metaverse, with each game bringing value to players.

Today’s news reveals that it’s interested in partnerships as well, with GameStop adding a level of interest in the Illuvium avatars. Although the bear market has caused a slump in NFT sales, that hasn’t stopped both companies from continuing to innovate, which bodes well for non-fungible token enthusiasts.

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