Gucci Vault Land Metaverse Debuts in The Sandbox

Credit: Gucci & The Sandbox

Gucci, an Italian luxury fashion brand, has debuted its Gucci Vault Land in The Sandbox. The activation will last between October 27th and November 9th, a two-week pop-up to showcase the company’s Web3 strategy. According to the Gucci Vault Land website, the experience will have contests, games, NFTs, and more.

Users will start the activation in the “Garden of Curiosities,” where NPCs (non-player characters) will guide the users in an exploration of the ancient ruins. From there, players will be able to check out a suite of vintage Gucci products that are not for sale. Part of the activation involves the collision of past, present, and future, a riff on using the metaverse to celebrate Gucci’s heritage.

There are several games users will be able to play as well. One of those involves putting together a vintage Gucci handbag in the “Vault Vintage Lab.” In another, users will need to solve a riddle in the “Vault Room of Rhyme.” There are many prizes available, including some involving $SAND, the native token of The Sandbox.

Gucci initially purchased its The Sandbox land parcel in February, saying it would build experiences on it. With the activation, the company has converted the land into the center of its Web3 strategy. Through it, Gucci will allow users to get to know the company better and showcase its storied history.

Users who hold a Superplastic Gucci NFT or a Gucci Grail NFT will be able to claim a “Gucci Vault Aura collectible.” Although details about what this collectible does are scarce, rumors state that it will act like the Estée Lauder virtual perfumes in Decentraland earlier this year. With the collectible, users will be able to show their “connection” to Gucci throughout The Sandbox metaverse.

Gucci Has Been Busy in 2022

Gucci has been busy in Web3 this year, debuting NFT collections and launching permanent activations in metaverses. So far, it has been a leader for luxury brands in the space. Here are three stories involving Gucci and Web3 in 2022.

First, there is the collaboration between Superplastic and Gucci. The two combined to create an NFT series, with the final drop occurring three months ago. In it, holders of Janky NFTs received a companion Guggimon NFT that came with a ceramic piece straight from Superplastic’s Italian factory.

Second, there is Gucci’s activation in the Roblox metaverse. Three months ago, the company debuted Gucci Town and invited a special guest to promote a Gucci perfume. That guest was none other than Miley Cyrus, who guided users as they completed mini games in Gucci Town.

Third and finally, there is Gucci and ApeCoin. Three months ago, the company decided to accept ApeCoin — the official cryptocurrency of the Bored Ape Yacht Club — in U.S. stores. The move came months after Gucci approved the acceptance of various cryptos as payment, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Gucci’s The Sandbox metaverse activation shows the company is still serious about its Web3 intentions. Here at Rarity Sniper, we’ll keep our ears to the ground for further developments in the story.