Lamborghini Revs for Exclusive NFT Drop on VeVe this Sunday

Lamborghini is preparing to race further into the Web3 industry. In its latest project, it is partnering with VeVe to launch an exclusive NFT collection based on the company’s famed Huracán STO sports car, with the set dropping this Sunday, at 8 am PST.

The Huracán STO collectibles will have varying traits and come in four different colorways:

  1. Bianco Asopo/Blu Le Mans
  2. Grigio Titans/Giallo Belenus
  3. Rosso Epona/Grigio Adamas
  4. Verde Citrea/Arancio DAC

In addition, the collectibles will have a rarity component, with four categories: Uncommon (2,950 editions), Rare (2,014), Ultra Rare (1,000), Secret Rare (640). The drop will occur in blind box format, meaning that participants will not know the rarity of their collectible until after they purchase it.

David Yu, Co-Founder of VeVe, said in a statement that the company is thrilled to partner with Lamborghini to expand the car company’s “innovative ways” and bring back one of the most iconic sports cars — the Huracán.

VeVe is a digital collectibles platform founded in 2018. It has partnered with many top mainstream brands, including Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, DC Comics, and Warner Bros, to bring the IP of these companies into the world of digital collectibles. VeVe combines NFTs and augmented reality to allow users to view their collectibles in the real world.

Lamborghini Races into Web3

While car companies may seem like an odd choice for Web3 entrants, many are taking to the next iteration of the internet, launching NFT collections, creating virtual experiences, and more. Few have done so as much as Automobili Lamborghini, which has started a few projects in Web3. Here are three we’ve covered.

First, in August of 2022, Lamborghini debuted an ambitious non-fungible token project called “Epic Road Trip.” The eight-month adventure featured 32 separate NFT drops along with four special “puzzle pieces” that led to a rare NFT for holders who had accumulated them all.

Next, in April of that same year, Lamborghini partnered with Sotheby’s to auction the last gas-powered Aventador as an NFT. The CEO of the car company said at the time that the move was part of its long-term strategy to be seen as “brave, authentic, and unexpected.”

Lastly, in January of 2022, Lamborghini entered the NFT space with its “Space Keys” collection, which consisted of five space-themed digital artworks. A person could only unlock the artwork by owning five “space keys,” which are actual physical keys made from carbon fiber the company sent to the International Space Station in 2019.

As these stories show, Lamborghini was once super-bullish about the Web3 space, launching three projects in the span of a year. Now, with this new VeVe collection, perhaps it is ready to get back in the game, which could mean good things for the space.