Luggage Maker Vera Bradley Enters Web3 with NFT Sets

Credit: Vera Bradley / Disney

Vera Bradley, the luggage and handbag maker famous for its floral prints, announced that it is launching two non-fungible token collections — and both will benefit good causes. Here is everything we know about the NFT sets so far.

The two drops are named the “Heritage Pass” and the “1982 Collection.” The Heritage Pass will consist of 440 standardized tokens, the corresponding images being different floral Vera Bradley handbags. These “Jilly” NFTs will come with some IRL perks, including a real-life handbag and first dibs at the “1982 Collection” NFT set. They will cost $82 each and go on sale on September 14th. Collectors can purchase them with ETH or a credit card.

The “1982 Collection” is a nod to Vera Bradley’s 40th anniversary and will include 1,982 tokens, each with some type of randomized print. The price for these NFTs is $19.82. The date for the presale of this NFT collection is October 1st and 2nd, while the public sale will start on October 3rd. The website for The World of Vera Bradley will be the point-of-purchase for both collections.

Both collections aim to serve social causes. A primary aim, according to the Vera Bradley press release, is to educate more women about Web3 and cryptocurrency. It is a goal shared with other popular NFT collections, including Yam Karkai’s World of Women. In addition, all proceeds from the 1982 Collection sale will go to the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer, which funds breast cancer research.

Jennifer Bova, the VP of Marketing for Vera Bradley, said through “The World of Verage Bradley” and the launch of the two NFT collections, the company will create an “authentic community” through “innovation, vision, and a consumer-first approach.” She added that this is another opportunity to strengthen the Vera Bradley sisterhood.

Organizations Use NFTs to Raise Money for Good Causes

Non-fungible tokens have many use cases — from collectibles to gaming. But perhaps one that is gaining steam, even during a crypto bear market, is to use the technology to raise money for good causes. Here are three stories Rarity Sniper has covered showing organizations and individuals leveraging NFTs to give back.

The first story comes from Oklahoma City, where certain zookeepers pulled off a first. They created an NFT collection with an actual Orangutan as the artist. To do so, the zookeepers gave the orangutan, Elok, a brush and screen. When Elok moved the brush, the screen tracked the movement and created the art. The proceeds will go to organizations that help wild orangutans and preserve their habitats.

The second story comes from the Middle East. There, Nestlé recently debuted a line of TRIX cereal, a first for the region. To celebrate, the company created two “TRIX” snowglobe NFTs and set them up for auction on OpenSea. All proceeds went to the Emirates Red Crescent charity, which serves the region.

The final story comes from the United States. During the summer, rapper Ja Rule launched an NFT collection titled “Black is Beautiful.” He pledged $25,000 of the proceeds of that NFT sale to five Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

Vera Bradley may be making its Web3 debut, but it’s already in good company, raising money for good causes. Here at Rarity Sniper, we’ll keep our ears to the ground for more developments in the story.