Meebits Updates NFTs to Include ‘Moods’ for 2nd Birthday

Credit: Meebits

On Wednesday, the Yuga Labs Meebits team announced update MB1.2 in its roadmap: the ability for holders to add “moods” to their non-fungible tokens. Through the addition of moods, which the company refers to as the first expression of living PFPs, users will be able to tell richer stories and express themselves more fully.

According to a Yuga Labs blog post, the 13 moods users can choose from include popular NFT Twitter expressions GM and GN, personality characteristics like SHY and SPICY, and temporary states such as CHILL and DAZED. Toggling between the moods alters the Meebit itself, including its posture and animation.

Unlike dynamic NFTs, which evolve based on changes to the underlying metadata, Meebits moods will strictly affect HTML viewers — such as those on NFT marketplaces OpenSea and Rarible. There, potential buyers will be able to see the mood the seller selected for their Meebit, adding more personality to the transaction process.

“With Living PFPs, holders can now choose a mood for their Meebit that will be reflected on marketplaces with HTML-viewers, like OpenSea,” Meebits’ Brand Lead, Danny Greene, said in a statement. “This form of self-expression is an exciting step forward for NFTs.”

Users interested in adding moods to their Meebit NFT can visit the company’s dedicated website for the collection. Once there, they can create GIFs or take photos of a Yuga Labs Meebit NFT or upload a picture of their own by connecting a wallet. Users are free to upload the content onto social media platforms as well.

Meebits Experience Overhaul after Yuga Labs Purchase

Meebits — a 20,000 metaverse-ready NFT collection that features humans, pigs, elephants, and robots — was launched in May 2021 by Larva Labs, the company that produced the OG, popular CryptoPunks collection. But for nearly a year, the collection remained stagnant until Yuga Labs, the creators of Bored Ape Yacht Club, bought the rights to the Meebits set in March 2022.

Since then, it has promised an ambitious roadmap for Meebits holders, including 10 stages that started with the release of high-resolution Meebits prints and a digital authentication certificate for holders, now continuing into the evolution of Meebits as Living PFPs.

While Yuga Labs has remained mostly ‘mum’ about the next stages in the roadmap, the language in the blog post may give some clues: The moods are the “first expression” of living PFPs, indicating that more may come in the future.

Yuga Labs has also created a dedicated marketplace for Meebits holders, where they are able to buy and sell to each other even with complicated transactions involving up to 50 Meebits. In addition, the company recently launched its Meebits Instagram page, amassing a quick 500 followers and counting on the interesting collection art to appeal to a wider audience.

There is no telling when the next announcement about the collection will come out but Rarity Sniper will certainly be here to report on it when it does.

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