Nancy Ajram & Marshmello Collab to Debut in DCL Metaverse

Credit: The National

Nancy Ajram, a famous Arab singer, will debut her new single “Sah Sah” in the metaverse Decentraland on July 8th. The “Nancy Ajram Metaverse Release Party” event will also feature world-renowned music producer Marshmello.

According to sources, the concert will occur at the MetaKey headquarters in DCL, and Everyrealm will present the event. The start time for the show is 11 a.m. PST or 6 p.m. UTC, and the music and festivities will last approximately one hour.

One unique aspect of Ajram’s metaverse debut is that users will have the opportunity to receive limited-edition merchandise. To receive said merch, enterprising concert-goers must sign up for a mailing list at, a site that directs them to make a MetaMask wallet. There are no additional details about what kinds of limited-edition merchandise will be available.

Nancy Ajram is a famous singer in the Arab world, with hit singles like “Ah W Noss” and “Yay.” According to her website, she has sold more than 2 million records, making her the 3rd-best selling female artist in Lebanese history. She is the only female sponsor of Coca-Cola in the Middle East.

Her collab partner Marshmello, Christopher Comstock, is an electronic music producer and DJ. Organizations have certified his songs as multi-platinum in several countries, with some of them appearing in the top 30 of Billboard’s Hot 100.

Musicians Take to Web3

Web3 has proven a fertile ground for many industries, including finance and sports. But few industries have experimented with it as much as music. Here are three examples of musicians involved with Web3, whether the metaverse or NFTs.

Singer Jason Derulo recently rolled out an experience in a metaverse. In it, he promised to pop up at various locations in the metaverse before hosting an event that replicated the house seen in one of his music videos. Participants could go inside the metaverse property and decorate it.

Charli XCX hosted a similar metaverse experience and concert in Roblox. There, the singer asked users to decorate different performance stages, with the winners able to join Charli XCX on stage for a show. The singer partnered with Samsung for an interesting part of the experience that involved a digital mobile phone.

Then there is Snoop Dogg. The Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks holder bought the Death Row record label and stated his desire to turn it into an NFT music label. He also has released an album as an NFT and remains active in the NFT community.

It will be interesting to see how Nancy Ajram’s metaverse debut goes, but there’s no doubt that more musicians are taking to Web3.