NFT Artist Bolton Teams with deadmau5 for SuperRare Piece

Credit: Deadmau5 / Alan Bolton

Alan Bolton, an NFT artist from Ireland, has teamed up with Joel Zimmerman, better known as deadmau5, for a collaborative mixed media piece currently on sale at SuperRare. The artwork, called “Alan Bolton x deadmau5 – Infected,” features the classic DJ’s mouse head with sitting in a roped off display with visual effects and deadmau5’s track “Polyphobia” playing in the background.

The piece currently has a reserve price of 3.5 ETH or $6,000. When a bidder meets the reserve price, they will trigger a 24-hour auction. The dimensions for the video (in MP4 format) are 1080×1350, and it has a file size of 214 MB. Bolton minted the piece on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-721 token.

This is the second collaboration between Bolton and Zimmerman, with the first coming in 2021 through a six-piece NFT set. Bolton refers to himself as a multidisciplinary digital artist who has a background in digital marketing. He has featured works in some of the top NFT marketplaces, including SuperRare, MakersPlace, and Nifty Gateway.

Zimmerman hasn’t been shy of his enjoyment of NFTs either. According to an article published in early 2022, the DJ has raked in $4 million in NFT sales and has experimented with NFT ticketing for his concerts. While much of his projects have involved trial-and-error, it is clear he has had success.

About his collaboration with Zimmerman, Bolton told Rarity Sniper, ”I’ve always wanted to work on a music/art collaboration with deadmau5 on SuperRare. It’s one of my favorite art platforms. Since it’s been about two years since our last collaboration I felt the time was right to start working on a new project together and to one of my favorite mau5 tracks.

”The piece has a strong glitch inspiration. I titled the piece ´Infected´ as the mau5head in the artwork is infected with a type of 3D glitch and I felt it ties in with the original track title of ´Polyphobia´ which means a fear of many things.

SuperRare Making Waves in the NFT Space

John Crain and Jonathan Perkins created SuperRare in 2018 to provide a home for fine art non-fungible tokens. And in the years that followed, it has gained steam, becoming one of the premier destinations for NFT artists and collectors of digital art. Here are some of the top stories we’ve covered involving SuperRare in the past year.

First, one month ago, SuperRare opened an IRL art exhibition in New York City featuring Claire Silver, a well-known artificial intelligence NFT artist. The exhibition, called “Artifacts,” explored the connection between art and AI. Crain said at the time that by having digital art displayed in a physical gallery, the art becomes more accessible.

Next, nine months ago, SuperRare launched an IRL gallery for NY Fashion Week. The gallery featured 19 NFT artists, including Antoni Tudisco, Caitlin Cronenberg, and Vexx. The event exhibition explored the intersection between fashion and the metaverse, a popular theme around the time of NY Fashion Week.

Lastly, a year ago, SuperRare teamed up with Gucci to debut an online art gallery called the “Vault Art Space.” The first exhibition was titled “The Next 100 Years of Gucci” and displayed artwork representing Gucci’s past and where the company was looking to go in the future. The gallery featured 29 artists, including Alanna Vanacore, Drew Young, and Tyler Spangler.

As Bolton and Zimmerman’s collab shows, some artists are still turning to SuperRare, even during this difficult bear market. Rarity Sniper will follow up with this story for any updates and report back.