NVIDIA Launches Cloud Services for the Metaverse

Credit: Shutterstock

NVIDIA, a world leader in artificial intelligence, has set its sights on the metaverse. Its latest product is Omniverse Cloud Services, a compilation of different programs that aim to help companies navigate the waters of Web3 and the building of virtual worlds.

The tech company announced the offering at the NVIDIA GTC developer conference this past Tuesday, with NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang saying the next wave of artificial intelligence is where AI meets the physical world. They added the Omniverse will be useful wherever the digital and physical worlds meet.

The various programs that comprise the Omniverse Cloud Services include Omniverse Farm, a system layer that helps developers scale 3D workloads, the Omniverse Replicator, a system that helps users generate data for computer vision and robotics, and the Omniverse Nucleus Cloud, a system that helps teams work together in 3D environments using universal scene descriptor.

Early supporters of the Omniverse Cloud Services include WPP, the world’s largest marketing services organization, Siemens, a leader in industrial automation software and hardware, and RIMAC, a pioneer in electric vehicle technologies. Each company is using the Omniverse Cloud Services for a different purpose, ranging from providing 3D content to automotive brands to creating end-to-end automotive pipelines.

Mate Rimac, CEO of RIMAC, said that the Omniverse Cloud Services provides efficiency and flexibility, allowing engineering teams to focus on the designs of the cars themselves without the 3D rendering process constraining the teams. It is one of the many solutions NVIDIA hopes to provide for problems in the industrial metaverse.

NVIDIA Active in the Metaverse Industry

If you’re a follower of Rarity Sniper’s news coverage, you know that NVIDIA has appeared a few times in reference to the metaverse. Here are the three top stories involving this pioneer of artificial intelligence and 3D or virtual worlds.

One month ago, we wrote a preview about NVIDIA’s annual GTC conference, where the NVIDIA team announced the Omniverse Cloud Services. The GTC conference featured over 200 talks, which focused on a variety of tech topics, including robotics, digital twins, and climate science.

Two months ago, Rarity Sniper featured D-Link, a network connectivity company that recently joined the Metaverse Standards Forum. Of the many companies D-Link joined in that Forum, including Meta and Microsoft, NVIDIA was one of them.

Three months ago, we authored a news piece covering the partnership between NVIDIA and Siemens. The partnership paired Siemens’ Xcelerator program with NVIDIA’s Omniverse to enable companies to combine digital twins with artificial intelligence.

NVIDIA’s announcement of its new product suite, the Omniverse Cloud Services, is big news as it could further along technological innovation in the industrial metaverse. Here at Rarity Sniper, we’ll be looking out for further developments in the story.