Pampers Releases NFTs to Support Black Maternal Health

Credit: Pampers / Rock The Bells

Pampers will advocate for black women’s maternal health in a big way this year: partnering with LL Cool J’s Rock the Bells to release a non-fungible token collection, the sales proceeds from which will go to the Black Mamas Matter Alliance.

Melissa Aceves, the senior brand director of Pampers Equity & Inclusion, said that “at Pampers, we believe” that every woman is entitled to feel the same joy of pregnancy and childbirth. This belief underscored the Pampers’ commitment to change the “systematic issues” that prevent black women from receiving the care they deserve.

In addition to launching the NFT collection on Curio, an NFT marketplace, Pampers will be sponsoring Black Maternal Health Week, which the Black Mamas Matter Alliance founded and leads.

The NFT collection consists of a 1/1 piece auction and an artwork that will sell as an open edition, meaning there is no cap on the number of sales. Keah Adams from the Art by Venus studio is the artist for both pieces. Curios will match any sales that occur in the first 24 hours.

Angela Aina, the executive director at the Black Mamas Matter Alliance, said that the Pampers’ support is “appreciated” and that similar efforts by likewise focused brands can lead to more awareness about the maternal mortality crisis in America.

According to recent statistics, black women are three times more likely to die from pregnancy-related causes than white women, and 60% of pregnancy-related deaths are preventable.

Web3 Philanthropy Not Unusual

Pampers’ philanthropic NFT collection calls to mind many instances of giving back in NFT circles.

In 2021, the collection that started the trend was Untamed Elephants, which donated large sums of money (based on primary and secondary sales) to organizations focused on elephant preservation.

Other teams behind NFT collections like Alphabetty Doodles have donated similar sums of money to the causes they believe in, creating products that directly try to address social or educational issues.

One of the most significant sectors of donators in the NFT space are teams behind women’s collections like World of Women. These teams fight for equal treatment in the Web3 sector for female creators and artists. They often donate to organizations like Girls Who Code or STEM-focused female education groups.

Indeed, the use of NFTs to help philanthropy efforts is not new but bears some promise for holders and teams alike that change can be enacted in Web3, sometimes with a more significant impact.