Under Armour Releases Steph Curry Playoff NFTs

Credit: Under Armour Inc.

Over the weekend, Under Armour announced it would be releasing a new set of Steph Curry playoff non-fungible tokens. The NBA NFTs will take the form of basketballs — three for every “3-pointer” that Curry makes. Along with the basketballs comes a serum that NFT holders can use to change the appearance of their NFTs.

Under Armour wrote in a Tweet, “First you changed the game for GOOD, then you mutate it. Every “3” Steph Curry hits during the playoffs is a chance to own a piece of history.”

The Steph Curry NFTs are first-come, first-serve, and quick-fingered NFT degens can reserve them after Curry makes a three-pointer. To secure one, an NFT collector needs to connect a MetaMask wallet and accept the terms and conditions of the website.

The Curry NFTs are free to claim, with users just needing to pay an Ethereum gas fee. Holders of the basketball NFTs can resell them on secondary markets like OpenSea. 

While Curry himself has not commented on the new NFTs, it is unsurprising that he is the focal point behind another collection. The reputed all-time greatest NBA shooter has been active in NFT and crypto circles since the fall of 2021. He has launched a digital sneaker wearable in metaverses, dropped his NFT collection, and purchased a membership NFT to LinksDAO.

The legend has secured a deal with FTX, one of America’s most popular crypto exchanges.

NBA Diving into Web3 for 2022 Playoffs

Under the leadership of Adam Silver, the NBA has become one of the most forward-thinking sports leagues. But just over a year into the NFT craze, the NBA’s integration with Web3 might surprise even the most bullish.

Before the 2022 NBA Playoffs, the NBA teased the general public by registering “The Association” for use in Web3. It turns out that the phrase would be the name of a new NFT collection. The free-to-mint Ethereum NFTs would be dynamic, changing with each player’s playoff performance. And they would be in demand as well, profitable for sellers on OpenSea.

Meanwhile, Dapper Labs continues to produce 2022 Playoff “moments.” The moments have thus far been popular, with one pack selling out before collectors at the back of the queue could buy. The sell-out represented a possible changing dynamic for the company, which has faced criticism from the general public.

The Steph Curry NFT set follows the pattern so far from NBA Playoff NFT drops this year: Very low cost and easy to collect. People interested in securing a Steph Curry basketball NFT can visit the NF3 official website.