Snoop Dogg Collabs with Web3 Startup for Music Video

Credit: Death Row Records

Snoop Dogg is one of Web3’s largest mainstream proponents. He has created several NFT projects, performed with his Bored Ape at the VMAs, and revealed that he is the person behind the NFT art collector Cozomo de’ Medici Twitter persona. Now, he has launched a Web3 music video that has many “Curb Your Enthusiasm” references. Here are all the details.

  • The track in the video comes from the song “Crip Your Enthuasism”
  • The launch of the music video coincides with an NFT drop of 11,111 digital donuts
  • For the video, Snoop Dogg partnered with Web3 company Astro Project
  • The filming for the video took place in Astro Project’s Santa Monica location

In the video, Snoop Dogg portrays a Larry David-inspired character, complete with a receding hairline. David has his own Web3 ties, appearing in an FTX commercial where he expresses skepticism at various historical innovations, including the lightbulb and the wheel. At the end of the commercial, he says, “Don’t be like Larry,” with a hint to adopt cryptocurrency.

For the project, Astro Project launched an NFT project called “Astro Donuts.” Users can mint these on the Astro Project website for 0.06 ETH and receive access to various character animations and clips to create their own videos. As of Monday morning, users had minted 264 “Astro Donuts” with the floor price standing at around 0.08 ETH.

The song “Crip Your Enthusiasm” comes from Snoop Dogg’s latest studio record, “Bacc On Death Row.” The Doggfather released the album as an NFT months ago, with individual tracks up for sale on OpenSea. The owner of the lowest listed “Crip Your Enthusiasm” NFT has priced it at 0.8 ETH or around $1,000.

Snoop Dogg Bets Big on Web3

As a proponent of Web3, Snoop Dogg has been involved in many different projects. In addition to them, he is an avid NFT collector, owning various CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs. Here are three stories that spotlight the Doggfather’s enthusiasm for the next iteration of the internet.

First, there is Snoop Dogg and Method Man. A month ago, the two dropped an NFT single titled “New Old School Remix.” The rappers launched the single exclusively on the TuneGo marketplace.

Second, there is Snoop Dogg and Eminem. Two months ago, the two legendary rappers performed their hit single “From the D 2 the LBC” at the VMAs. The performance had a decidedly Web3 flair, with the two incorporating their Bored Ape NFTs.

Third and finally, there is Snoop Dogg’s pastry shop. Opened in Los Angeles, the pastry shop, called “Dr. Bombay’s Sweet Exploration,” has a Web3 twist: The mascot will be Snoop Dogg’s Ape, Dr. Bombay.

Snoop Dogg’s music video homage to “Curb Your Enthusiasm” ties two crypto promotors with a delicious donutty flavor. Here at Rarity Sniper, we’ll be paying close attention for further developments in the story.