The Irish Shebeen Opens in The Sandbox for St. Patty’s Day

Credit: The Irish Shebeen

The Irish Shebeen, an authentic Irish pub, opened today in The Sandbox metaverse to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. The watering hole is marking its opening with quests and activities, from which users can earn $SAND, The Sandbox’s native token, and non-fungible tokens. The metaverse publicized The Irish Shebeen’s debut with a Tweet this morning.

The pub describes itself as “a hub for artists, dancers and musicians,” as well as “a place to showcase everything Irish.” Jillian Godsil and Lisa Gibbons, the founders of The Irish Shebeen, described it as a place where people can go and feel welcome, a sanctuary for the metaverse homeless.

Hermit Crab Game Studio, a Brazilian company, designed the virtual pub. It has previously collaborated with different soccer clubs such as Paris St. Germain and other top companies like Warner Music Group and the brand The Walking Dead. The pub has also partnered with Kinahan Whiskey to give one actual bottle of whiskey away to one lucky participant in today’s festivities.

The Sandbox, for its part, has selected The Irish Shebeen as one of its featured experiences in March. Curious users can check out a YouTube video of The Irish Shebeen, which shows people dancing, playing instruments, and collecting items:

The activation, with the quests and games, will last 12 days.

The Sandbox Makes News in 2022

While the addition of an Irish pub into The Sandbox is big news, it is not the only development happening in that metaverse. In 2022, it seemed like there wasn’t a week when we didn’t write about The Sandbox and all its partnerships. Here are three such stories, all from four months ago.

First, The Sandbox created an event specifically for Korean brands. The event lasted two weeks and came in two waves. In the “K-verse,” players could explore five unique experiences that The Sandbox and its Korean brand partners created. Like with many The Sandbox events, players were eligible to receive virtual rewards.

Next, The Sandbox held its much-anticipated LAND sale in partnership with celebrities and brands. The company broke the LAND sale up into three parts, each with a separate theme. Up for sale were Estate LAND, Standard LAND, and Premium LAND. In 2023, The Sandbox will likely hold another LAND sale, for interested Web3 denizens.

Lastly, Care Bears, an iconic brand that appeared in TV shows during the 80’s and 90’s, held an activation in The Sandbox. Part of the activation involved dropping a set of Care Bears non-fungible tokens, which users could employ to go on quests, play games, and earn $SAND.

The Sandbox enthusiasts will likely enjoy the warm ambiance of The Irish Shebeen. It is another sign that the metaverse continues to grow, permitting more experiences which can engage and enthrall users.