Tiger Beer Malaysia Drops an NFT Collection

Credit: Stephen MacLeod

Tiger Beer Malaysia is temporarily partnering with the Malaysian streetwear company Pestle & Mortar Clothing (PMC) to release a collection of NFTs to usher in the Year of the Tiger.

‘The Tiger Archives,’ as the NFT collection is called, is composed of 6,688 unique hand-drawn NFTs that went on sale on OpenSea and sold out in only 10 minutes. The NFT collection is part of Tiger Beer’s “The Year of Your Tiger” campaign, which focuses on encouraging people to “achieve bold ambitions in 2022.”

Global Brand Director of Tiger Beer said that the Tiger spirit — “bold and courageous” — has always been fundamental to Tiger Beer, citing the company’s move to brew beer in the tropics despite many naysayers.

Each NFT takes inspiration from the noble tiger, and portrays fun variations of a “Lucky Tiger” with different themes, poses, and borders. The NFTs also grant holders access to exclusive merchandise and curated experiences.

Beer & Alcoholic Beverage Companies Flock to Web3

While Tiger Beer’s NFT drop and partnership with PMC is no doubt original, it’s not the first beer and alcoholic beverage company to make moves in the NFT space. On the contrary — beer and alcoholic beverage companies have been making moves in Web3 all year, and here at Rarity Sniper, we’ve been kept busy writing about new projects and partnerships.

Listed below are some of the top headlines from beer and alcohol companies in Web3 over the past couple of months:

Because NFTs allow for digital assets to be bought and sold securely on the blockchain, the new technology is opening doors for all sorts of companies to experiment with how they connect with customers. Many beer and alcoholic beverage companies, as evidenced by these headlines, see Web3 and the metaverse as the next big thing — and they are moving into the space at a rapid pace.

We’ll have to wait and see if Tiger Beer and PMC will continue to collaborate, but since the NFT drop sold out in a matter of seconds, we think it’s a good bet to can expect more from these companies in the NFT space in the months and years to come.