Cool Cats Launches Second NFT Collection “Cool Pets”

Credit: Cool Cats NFT

One of the most celebrated NFT collections of all time, Cool Cats, is dropping a new NFT collection that should add value to existing members and welcome thousands more into the club.

After a couple of setbacks, the Cool Cats community is excited for the sequel collection to the OG NFT — Cool Pets.

Cool Pets NFTs consist of a total of 19,999 randomly generated NFTs that will provide a myriad of utilities for owners. 9,999 of the Cool Cat NFTs can be claimed by Cool Cats holders, and the rest will be available to the public to mint.

Here is some more information about the dates and the launch of Cool Pets:

  • Jan. 31st: Cool Cats holders can claim a Cool Pet beginning at 10 am.
  • Jan. 31st/Feb. 1st: Minting for allowlist begins at 11 am EST and runs for 24 hours.
  • Feb. 1st: Public minting on OpenSea begins at 1 pm EST.

Cool Pets will be free for Cool Cats owners to claim and 0.5 ETH for the public mint and allowlist.

All Cool Pets begin as an egg and are “generated based on item interaction” to evolve into four forms representative of “elemental” types — Air, Water, Fire and Grass.

Cool Pets fit into the larger Cool Cats ecosystem, Cooltopia, and items can be purchased for Cool Pets from the Cool Shop and marketplace using $MILK tokens. These items will help Pets evolve to reach their final form.

There will also be gamification and play-to-earn elements added, and owners will be able to interact with their pets and undertake quests to earn rewards. The in-game transactions will be driven by the $GOLD token on Polygon ($MATIC), eliminating Ethereum’s sometimes expensive gas fees.

Although the launch of Cool Pets was delayed several times for technical reasons, we doubt that will stop the passionate Cool Cats community and those who want to become a part of it. There are currently Cool Pets available on OpenSea for a floor price of 2.49 ETH.

It should come as no surprise that a popular collection like Cool Cats would launch a sequel and follow in the footsteps of other NFT collections like Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Cool Cats, which launched in the summer of 2021, has grown from a fun project between friends who shared a love of crypto and digital art to a thriving community and one of the leaders of the NFT CryptoArt movement.

Although the floor price of Cool Cats has dipped in recent weeks, it currently stands on Opensea at 12.99 ETH. More information about Cool Pets can be found at