DeLorean Motor Company Will Release NFTs

Credit: Nicolas Fauvel

Doc Brown’s DMC-12 may soon drive through Decentraland. 

According to recent patent filings, the DeLorean Motor Company will create NFTs of its vehicles in the metaverse. Filed on May 30th, these trademark requests suggest DeLorean is working on NFT versions of cars to be used “in virtual worlds.”

Many car enthusiasts hope DeLorean Motor Company will bring its iconic DMC-12 model into virtual games. Best known for its role in Back to the Future, the winged-door DMC-12 is one of the 1980s most distinctive car designs.

However, in a recent FOX News interview, DMC CEO Joost de Vries says his company’s NFTs will link with the upcoming four-seat Alpha5 electric vehicle. During the Alpha5’s five-year production run, DeLorean will drop NFTs that guarantee ownership of one of these limited-edition cars. 

Joost de Vries says each of the upcoming Alpha5 NFTs will have a random VIN associated with the NFT holder’s physical vehicle. If someone doesn’t want the VIN on their NFT post-mint, they will be able to trade it on the secondary NFT market. 

Besides their association with IRL Alpha5 vehicles, these NFTs correspond with virtual cars in the metaverse. Joost de Vries says the DeLorean NFTs will be “gameable” and work across multiple metaverse platforms. 

DeLorean’s patents also suggest the company is working on an NFT market where users could buy and sell their virtual vehicles. DMC constantly notes that its car NFTs could be used in “virtual environments.” The company also mentioned offering “retail store services” and “entertainment services” within the metaverse. 

DMC suggests the Alpha5 will hit the market in the summer of 2024. The Texas-based car company also hinted its working on many other vehicles, including a high-end SUV.

EVs “Electrify” the Metaverse 

The DeLorean Motor Company may be the first to sell its EVs with NFTs, but it’s not the first company to use the metaverse to promote its electric models. In fact, it’s becoming a trend in the auto industry to offer customers a “sneak peek” of upcoming EVs in virtual showrooms.

For instance, Nissan recently hosted a metaverse experience on VRChat where in-game avatars could “drive” the company’s electric Sakura model. The Japanese carmaker also created a virtual replica of its Ginza-based “Nissan Crossing” showroom to highlight its ARIYA SUV. 

Hyundai’s Kia Motors drew attention to its latest EVs with an NFT drop on Kakao’s Klip Drops. The six art NFTs in Kia’s latest collection highlighted the company’s commitment to environmentalism and sustainability. 

Hyundai also has a massive presence in the ZEPETO metaverse. A few months ago, Rarity Sniper discovered Hyundai built an EV charging station and an oil bank in this immersive online game. More recently, Hyundai showed off its IONIQ EV with the help of BTS in its ZEPETO showroom. 

Since EVs and Web3 are two of the most futuristic industries, it’s only natural to combine these cutting-edge technologies.