Lionsgate Offers Exclusive “Moonfall” NFT for IMAX Preview

Credit: Lionsgate

To add excitement to the highly anticipated Sci-Fi adventure movie “Moonfall,” Lionsgate is offering ticket purchasers for Thursday night’s IMAX® preview a unique limited edition non-fungible token (NFT).

The movie from the internationally renowned director Roland Emmerich, starring Halley Berry and Patrick Wilson, will be domestically released on February 4th. But fans who purchase tickets through participating online brokers for the preview on Feb. 3rd will receive a Moonfall NFT created by Autograph, a brand that focuses on digital collectibles in sports and entertainment.

NFTs and virtual reality experiences have become more popular in recent months, as major brands and companies invest in the Metaverse and release NFT projects and file NFT-related trademarks. AMC was the first theater exhibitor to release a major NFT collection, which they did with the help of WAX blockchain.

For interested viewers, Moonfall tells the story of a “mysterious force” that knocks the moon off its orbit and sends it full speed ahead to earth. Only astronauts Jo Fowler (Berry) and Harper (Wilson) dare to try to save the planet.

And for the NFT fans out there, here’s what we know about the Moonfall NFT drop:

  • The NFTs consist of limited edition commemorative “sections of the moon’s lunar crust inspired by the film.”
  • Each ticket holder is given a unique identifier for their NFT.
  • The NFT offer is for IMAX Preview showings only.
  • Tickets must be purchased via participating online brokers. They include Atom, Fandango and others.

Denny Tu, the Chief Marketing Officer of IMAX said, “By offering a special collectible exclusively to IMAX ticket holders, audiences will also be able to expand their fandom in an exciting way beyond the traditional experience.”

For the film industry, which has been hard hit by streaming services like Netflix, finding creative ways to excite consumers and bring them back out to traditional theaters certainly sounds like a good idea.