Mark Zuckerberg Announces a Metaverse Clothing Store

Credit: Meta

Meta is moving into the digital wearables market. 

In a recent Instagram Live video, Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed a virtual clothing shop called the “Meta Avatars Store.” Customers in select regions could soon access this new store to outfit their metaverse avatars in branded outfits. 

Zuckerberg says the Meta Avatars Store will be accessible through Meta’s three major social media sites: Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. People in the USA, Canada, Mexico, and Thailand will be the first to access this store next week. 

To show off the new fashion items at the Meta Avatars Store, Mark Zuckerberg shared an image of his avatar sporting various clothing options. Instagram exec Eva Chen also posted her Meta avatar wearing new digital wardrobes. 

At launch, the Meta Avatars Store will have wearables from the three following companies:

  • Balenciaga
  • Prada
  • Thom Browne

In the ensuing months, Meta hopes to build more partnerships with major clothing brands to offer more choices to customers. Mark Zuckerberg also says he’s working on making these wardrobes compatible with the company’s VR experiences. 

While discussing the Meta Avatars Store, Zuckerberg said he believes “digital goods” like wearables will be a “big driver” in the future of metaverse platforms. Zuckerberg also said virtual clothes will help people “express” themselves “in the metaverse.” 

There are no specifics on the average price for a wearable in the Meta Avatars Store. It’s also unclear when Meta will release this shop in other locations. 

Clothing Takes Center Stage in the Metaverse 

As more people use 3D avatars to socialize in the metaverse, clothing brands have begun offering their goods on Web3 sites. In fact, both Prada and Balenciaga already have experience connecting with fans using Web3. 

Recently, Rarity Sniper reported on Prada’s Timecapsule NFT drop, which featured digital collectibles designed by Cassius Hirst. Prada has also teamed up with Adidas to mint creative NFTs on the Polygon blockchain.  

Many other fashion houses see value in offering wearables to in-game avatars. For instance, Gucci opened a metaverse experience called “Gucci Town” in the Roblox metaverse. In its new metaverse land, Gucci sells virtual designer items that fit on Roblox avatars. 

RTFKT Studios has also had tremendous success with its Nike “CryptoKicks” NFT collection. Based on Nike Dunk sneakers, RTFKT allows NFT holders to add personality to their metaverse wearables with unique “Skin Vial” NFTs.  

Even non-fashion companies have started offering virtual clothes to promote their brands. For example, the vodka manufacturer Absolut offered designer wearables in its “Absolut.Land” experience in Decentraland. 

While it’s unknown how “Facebook fashion” will fare, digital designer clothes is a hot business segment.