SuperRare to Open Curated NFT Gallery in New York City

Credit: Vecteezy

The curated non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace SuperRare is opening a physical gallery space in New York City in the coming months.

The SuperRare Gallery will run as a Pop-Up from May 19th to August 28th, and the space will be used to showcase a rotating roster of curated NFT exhibitions, as well as projects designed to educate visitors about the history and evolution of digital art and NFTs.

The first debut collection from the SuperRare Gallery is titled: Visions From Remembered Futures, created by curator An Rong. It features the work of 15 digital artists, exploring the fitting themes of science fiction and futurism.

Other plans for the NFT gallery space include:

  • A Pride Month NFT/digital art exhibition
  • Work dedicated to two-dimensional digital artists.
  • An exhibition showcasing black digital artists

According to SuperRare co-founder and CEO John Crain, NFTs displayed in art galleries can help spark “dialogue and connection” between digital artists working in Web3 and traditional artists, which has been a long-term goal for the company.

SuperRare also aims to make digital art more “accessible” and showcase work from artists of “diverse backgrounds.” More news about the SuperRare Gallery is available on the platform’s website.

Digital Art Continues to Shake Up Traditional Art Markets

SuperRare isn’t the only Web3 platform to put digital NFT art into physical spaces. In January, the world’s first NFT art museum opened in Seattle and displayed digital NFT art on high fidelity Samsung screens. And last year, four major art museums in Italy sold NFT reproductions of masterpieces to offset the decline in visitors from the pandemic.

Most recently, two Gagosian’s New York art galleries are presenting work by Takashi Murakami, including pieces from his Clone X NFT project which was developed with the help of Nike’s RTFKT.

Add to these developments that NFT artists like Beeple have sold work at traditional art markets like Sotheby’s for tens of millions of dollars, and it’s starting to look like the line between digital art/NFTs and physical art is becoming blurred.

Although no one can predict the impact SuperRare will have by opening shop in NYC, if the physical gallery and NFT space is successful, it will be another win for digital artists and NFT art.