Nickelodeon Drops a Trailer for 90s-Inspired NFTs

Credit: Nickelodeon

The children’s cable channel Nickelodeon just tweeted an ad for a “90s Collection” NFT drop. Nick posted this nostalgia-drenched 10-second trailer on a new Twitter profile called “nickelodeon_nft.”

At the start of Nickelodeon’s NFT ad, viewers could see a film rating screen that says, “The Following Program is Rated Web3.” Nick also warns its trailer may induce “Moderate to Severe Nostalgia,” and it says anyone watching this ad is “early.”  

After running through a few vintage Nick promos on a TV, green slime covers the screen. At the end, Nick says fans should “Stay Tooned” for more news this summer. It also says its “90s Collection” NFTs will drop on the Polygon-based Recur platform. 

Although Nick’s ad is light on details, it features a few notable stickers from hit 90s shows. For instance, viewers could see images of Reptar and Spike from “The Rugrats,” as well as Helga from “Hey Arnold!”

Before nickelodeon_nft posted its “90s Collection” promo, it tweeted a link to a 2021 TechCrunch article detailing Recur’s partnership with ViacomCBS. Besides Nickelodeon and CBS, ViacomCBS agreed to use IP from the following stations in Recur NFTs:

  • MTV
  • BET
  • Comedy Channel 
  • Showtime
  • Paramount Pictures 

As Rarity Sniper revealed a few months ago, Paramount already released “Star Trek” spaceship NFTs on Recur. At that time, ViacomCBS hinted it would launch an official Nickelodeon NFT collection soon.

Interestingly, the figurine brand Funko recently dropped Nick-themed NFTs, many of which featured characters from the 90s. While SpongeBob wasn’t in this set, shows like “Rugrats,” “Hey Arnold!,” and “Real Monsters” were available as NFTs. 

Speaking of SpongeBob, ViacomCBS has filed NFT-related patents for SpongeBob Squarepants with the USPTO. However, there’s no official word on what characters will be in Nick’s “90s Collection” NFT drop.

Iconic Animation Enters Web3

News of Nickelodeon’s entry into Web3 comes shortly after another animation giant announced a significant NFT drop. Warner Bros. recently revealed it’s working on a “Looney Tunes: What’s Up Block?” NFT collection on the platform Nifty’s. 

Currently, Warner Bros. is getting ready to release PFP NFTs featuring Tweety Bird. In addition to giving fans digital memorabilia, Warner Bros. intends to build a community with its “Looney Tunes” NFTs. In fact, Warner Bros. says it will use these NFTs to help create a new “Looney Tunes” cartoon.

Archie Comics is also experimenting with using NFTs to build a Web3 fanbase and create new content. Anyone who buys an “Archiverse: Eclipse” NFT could submit story ideas for an upcoming comic entitled “Archieverse Collides #1.”

There’s also speculation the Walt Disney Company will dive deeper into Web3 in the upcoming years. Disney recently hired a former Apple exec to head its metaverse division, and it continues to drop NFTs on the VeVe NFT app. 

Whatever animated series fans are most nostalgic about, there’s a good chance it will soon appear in Web3.