“American Idol” Will Drop NFTs for its 20th Season

Credit: American Idol / Theta

Fans of the TV show “American Idol” could soon buy and trade NFTs of their favorite contestants. Executives at “American Idol” said they’re working with Theta Network to bring official NFTs to the Theta Drop NFT market. 

According to initial reports, these NFTs will feature images of the singers who make it into Season 20’s Top 14. After customers buy an “American Idol” NFT pack, they can open it to see which contestant is on their virtual collectible. 

Theta Drop says it will allow customers to purchase “American Idol” NFTs starting on April 22nd. Every “American Idol” NFT pack will contain one NFT, each of which costs $99. 

Besides owning a piece of “American Idol” history, NFT collectors will get the chance to win bonus perks each week from April 25th till the end of Season 20. If an NFT holder’s singer does well, Theta will reward them with virtual or IRL prizes.  

For instance, if NFT holders have one of the singers that makes it into the Top 10, they will get a free 20th Anniversary “American Idol” NFT. People who have the NFT featuring the winning “American Idol” contestant will get a physical “Golden Ticket” souvenir. 

There are also prizes for those who hold NFTs of contestants in the Top 7, Top 5, and Top 3. However, you need to have two NFTs in the Top 7 and Top 3, and three NFTs in the Top 5 to qualify for prizes. 

The rewards for these categories are as follows:

  • Top 7: 300 TDROP tokens 
  • Top 5: Rare “American Idol” NFT
  • Top 3: Access to Theta Drop’s VIP Bronze benefits    

Anyone interested in minting an “American Idol” NFT could sign up for email updates on Theta Drop’s website

“American Idol” Isn’t Theta’s First A-List Partnership 

With an average of between 5 and 6 million viewers per episode, “American Idol” will give Theta more mainstream exposure. However, Theta Drop has made many noteworthy NFT partnerships in the past few months.

For starters, Theta Drop continues to work with the pop singer Katy Perry. Interestingly, Katy Perry is one of the three judges on “American Idol” Season 20.

As Rarity Sniper reported, Katy Perry’s previous “Witness Tour” and “Roar Package” NFTs were some of Theta’s most successful NFT projects. Like the “American Idol” NFTs, many of Perry’s virtual collectibles grant holders unique benefits, including access to exclusive merchandise. Katy Perry even sent authentic props from her live concerts to fans who bought ultra-rare one-of-one NFTs. 

Outside of the “American Idol” universe, Theta made headlines after winning the rights to produce 50th anniversary NFTs for the game show “The Price is Right.” A few other prominent Theta Drop partners include singer Dionne Warwick, the esports team Pittsburgh Knights, and the online gaming site PartyPoker.