Johnnie Walker Releases VIP Whiskey NFTs

Credit: Luxe Digital

The renowned Scotch company Johnnie Walker announced it will drop its first set of collectible whiskey NFTs on the platform BlockBar. Called “Masters of Flavour,” these virtual emerald-green bottles are tied to rare 48-year-old Johnnie Walker Masters whiskey stored in a Singaporean vault. 

To make its first NFT drop extra special, Johnnie Walker says it will award “Masters of Flavour” collectors with a three-day vacation to Scotland. NFT holders can tour Johnnie Walker’s Glenkinchie Distillery and sample the brand’s finest whiskies. “Master of Flavour” members will enjoy a free room at Edinburgh’s luxurious Gleneagles Townhouse.  

Johnnie Walker also partnered with the Marvel artist Bosslogic on its first NFT drop. When buyers mint a “Masters of Flavour” NFT, they will get one of Bosslogic’s seven unique art NFTs. 

BlockBar will begin selling the seven “Masters of Flavour” NFTs on May 31st at 10:30 AM EST. The price for these NFTs is set at 18.32 ETH per piece, or about $35,000. Customers could pay with crypto or a credit card, and they can store their NFT on major Ethereum wallets like MetaMask. 

High-End Whiskey Walks into Web3 

Although the “Masters of Flavour” marks Johnie Walker’s first official NFT drop, the company has shown an interest in using NFT technology to connect with connoisseurs. For instance, Johnnie Walker recently agreed to send its signature Scotch to anyone holding a Gift Goat NFT

Gift Goats are an elite category in Gary Vaynerchuk’s blue-chip VeeFriends NFT collection. Anyone with one of the 555 Gift Goat NFTs will receive six IRL gifts per year until 2024.  

And Johnnie Walker isn’t the only whiskey brand dabbling with digital collectibles. Many spirits companies have taken an interest in using NFTs to provide collectors with verifiable ownership, VIP experiences, and priceless digital art. 

For instance, the site MetaCask made history when it sold an NFT representing ownership of a 1991 whiskey cask from the Macallan Distillery. The sale of this whiskey NFT sold for a record-shattering $2.3 million.

Interestingly, some whiskey brands have also begun using hot PFP NFTs to help promote their brands. For instance, BlockBar recently hosted a contest for Bored Ape Yacht Club members. Anyone in the BAYC had the opportunity to put their ape avatar on a bottle of Monkey Shoulder whiskey. 

If whiskey brands haven’t already entered the NFT market, chances are they’re developing a Web3 marketing strategy. Case and point: Rarity Sniper recently discovered the whiskey company Crown Royal filed NFT-related patents. 

So, no matter which whiskey brand you most enjoy, there’s a good chance you could find a virtual bottle in the metaverse.