Sony and Theta Will Release Augmented Reality NFTs

Credit: Sony

Sony is developing a revolutionary metaverse-enabled NFT collection with the help of Theta Labs. This upcoming NFT drop will feature a 3D image of a Polynesian “Tiki Guy” mask viewable on Sony’s new Spatial Reality Display (SRD). 

Unlike other virtual reality devices, the SRD tablet doesn’t require special headgear to create an immersive 3D experience. Instead, Sony’s SRD uses advanced motion-detection technology to adjust the screen’s display to each viewer’s eyes. This novel technology allows images to appear in 3D without special eyewear. 

The “Tiki Guy” NFTs will launch on the Theta Drop NFT market sometime this year. Initial reports suggest there will be 10 of these NFTs up for sale. American customers who buy one of these NFTs will also receive an SRD device.

Sony executives claim this first NFT collection will highlight the company’s commitment to creating “metaverse-ready technology.” Theta Labs’ CEO Mitch Liu says the “Tiki Guy” drop signals a transition in the NFT industry from 2D artworks to more immersive 3D collectibles. 

News of Sony’s “Tiki Guy” collection comes soon after the company made significant investments in NFTs and the metaverse. For instance, Sony recently agreed to sell music-related NFTs on the platform Snowcrash. Sony also gave the video game company Epic Games $1 billion for metaverse-related projects. 

Anyone with a Theta Drop account could sign up for notifications on Sony’s “Tiki Guy” NFTs on

Theta Drop Expands its NFT Offerings 

Before the recent Sony announcement, Theta Drop was mostly associated with pop culture and gaming-related NFTs. However, this NFT marketplace continues to expand its partnerships with experimental ventures like the “Tiki Guy” collection. 

For instance, Theta Drop recently revealed a partnership with the Resorts World Las Vegas to release “utility NFTs.” The NFTs in this upcoming collection will give resort guests access to IRL experiences and rooms. 

Theta’s agreement with Resorts World Las Vegas makes sense considering the hotel’s close ties with pop singer Katy Perry. As Rarity Sniper recently reported, Katy Perry’s NFT collections are some of the most successful on Theta’s NFT platform. 

Speaking of Katy Perry, Theta Drop recently closed a deal with the singing competition “American Idol.” Instead of simply releasing digital collectibles, Theta says its NFTs will feature an interactive element.

People who buy Theta’s “American Idol” NFTs have the chance to win prizes depending on how far their contestant goes in the TV competition. A few rewards “American Idol” NFT holders could receive include a literal “Golden Ticket,” TDROP tokens, and ultra-rare NFTs.  

Just a few other members of Theta Drop’s growing ecosystem include:

  • Dionne Warwick
  • “The Price is Right”
  • PartyPoker
  • The Pittsburgh Knights
  • Jason D. Page