1-800-Flowers Giving Free NFTs for Mother’s Day 2022

Credit: 1-800-Flowers

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and to celebrate in an innovative fashion 1-800-Flowers is giving away free non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to lucky winners and whitelisted members.

The Mother’s Day NFTs were commissioned by artists Devi Namira and Maaz Rahell and are divided into two collections.

The first collection titled “Moms Run the World” is said to “reflect the special and unique bond fostered between a child and mother.” It includes 1,800 algorithmically generated, unique profile picture (PFPs) NFTs that pay tribute to mothers around the world.

“The Love of Mom,” the second collection, will include 15 copies of 12 NFTs that capture the love a mother has for her child.

The NFTs will be minted on the Polygon blockchain, and there are no gas fees for anyone who is whitelisted. Each whitelist entry will also have a chance of winning the grand prize: One year of IRL flower deliveries for a mother figure in their lives.

A disclaimer of sorts from the company notes that the NFTs will have no immediate or “intrinsic monetary value” at first. However, after the drop, the NFTs can be traded on secondary marketplaces and could acquire value.

The first NFT mint by the company shows 1-800 Flowers is intent on exploring the possibilities within Web3 and NFT technology. More details about the special NFT drop and the chance to win a free NFT can be found at 1800flowers.com/nft.

Is IRL utility the new “thing” with NFTs?

1-800 Flowers isn’t the first brand to experiment with mixing IRL (in real life) utility into their NFT drops. More companies and people are using NFTs not only as a way to connect with their clients and fans, but also to connect them to real-world objects or IRL utility.

Below are a few unique examples of IRL objects or experiences being tied into NFT drops:

  • Heavyweight Boxing champion Tyson Fury launched a 1:1 NFT that came with IRL utilities, including ringside seats to the final match of his career against Dillian Whyte, which he won in typical knockout fashion.
  • Coca-Cola is bridged IRL utility and the metaverse with its “pixel-flavored” drink.
  • Uplift Aerospace is taking NFT utility to a whole new level, no pun intended, with its “Launch Pass NFTs.” Anyone who holds one of its 10,921 NFT will be able to apply for a “Space + Mission,” and the lucky winner will have a chance to fly in the New Shepard rocket, created by Blue Origin.

The potential that non-fungible tokens have to connect digital assets to a physical product or an experience is only just beginning to be realized, but things are moving fast.

Whether you dream of going to space or you just want to surprise your mom with an original Mother’s Day present, the NFT space looks like it has you covered.