Uplift Aerospace Will Send One NFT Holder to Space

Credit: Space+

Dozens of NFTs have traveled to space, but Uplift Aerospace’s new NFTs will be the first to send a collector to the stars. 

According to Uplift Aerospace’s website, anyone who buys and holds one of its 10,921 “Launch Pass” NFTs can apply for a Space+ mission. The lucky contestant will win the opportunity to fly in the New Shepard rocket, which was made by Jeff Bezos’s company Blue Origin. 

The upcoming New Shepard mission aims to take Uplift Aerospace’s Starborn NFTs on a suborbital trip. Uplift Aerospace expects this flight to last between 10 – 15 minutes. 

The mint date for these Ethereum-based NFTs is scheduled for May 10th. Uplift Aerospace says the mint price will be 0.17 ETH in honor of the Apollo 17 mission. 

Only wallets on Uplift Aerospace’s allowlist will be able to purchase a “Launch Pass” when the company releases these NFTs. However, if any NFTs remain after the allowlist sale, Uplift Aerospace says it will send them to the public market. 

If a person has a “Launch Pass” NFT, they could send an application for the New Shepard flight between May 10th and 17th. Uplift Aerospace says it will release specific applicant requirements on May 9th, but successful contestants need to include their public wallet address and a resume. 

After reviewing every application, Uplift Aerospace will reveal its picks for five potential astronauts on May 19th. People who hold a “Launch Pass” NFT could vote on Uplift Aerospace’s Discord on May 22nd to select the winner. 

“Launch Pass” NFT holders who vote on May 22nd will be eligible to receive a physical patch that travels in the New Shepard. However, people need to have their “Launch Pass” NFT in their wallet during the launch to get this prize. 

Once voting closes, everyone who has a “Launch Pass” will get a unique Starborn profile pic NFT. Uplift Aerospace says there are five tiers and 120 possible traits in its Starborn collection. 

Uplift Aerospace is still working out the details on its roadmap, but it promises Starborn and “Launch Pass” NFT holders will enjoy Web3 and IRL perks. A few proposed benefits NFT holders may enjoy include space flight simulations and a Space+ metaverse game.  

Anyone interested in minting a “Launch Pass” NFT can find official details on spaceplus.xyz.

More Projects “Gravitate” to Space-Themed NFTs 

The meme “to the moon” has a long association with crypto and NFTs. Therefore, it’s no surprise more NFT projects are literally taking their digital collectibles into outer space. 

Rarity Sniper has reported on plenty of NFTs that traveled to space in the past few months. Most recently, SpaceX astronauts took the popular Azuki #40 NFT (aka “Bobu the Farmer”) on a mission to the International Space Center (ISS). 

Members of the Axiom’s Ax-1 launch to the ISS made history when it minted NFTs from space. There’s also news that the artist Jeff Koons will send statues that have corresponding NFTs to the moon later this year.

Considering all of these high-flying stories, NFTs are undeniably one of today’s most popular “space souvenirs.”