ASM to Launch Muhammad Ali Metaverse Boxing Game

Credit: Getty Images

Altered State Machine, a company that builds and develops Web3 artificial intelligence, is launching the first metaverse boxing game. Titled “Muhammad Ali — The Next Legends,” the game will use artificial intelligence to “train” fighters as they move up the ranks.

Although ASM has not released the game yet, the company has revealed it will involve non-fungible tokens. To compete, users will need two NFTs: a “Brain” NFT and a “Boxer” NFT. Users can pair the Brain NFT with the Boxer NFT before bouts.

The training portion of the game involves developing this Brain NFT to prepare the Boxer NFT to fight the opponent. During the training, users can emphasize what skills to learn, including all traditional boxing maneuvers like jabs, uppercuts, and hooks. After the training is complete, the users enter their Boxer NFTs into a fight.

Those looking for a full-fledged metaverse fighter game will be disappointed. The action occurs via “simulations” where artificial intelligence determines the victor. However, in traditional blockchain game fashion, a person can sell their NFTs on the open market.

Altered State Machine has partnered with the Muhammad Ali Enterprises and Authentic Brands Group to develop the game. There is no word how often “Muhammad Ali — The Next Legends” will use the legendary boxer’s likeness.

David McDonald, the CEO of ASM, said the company is incredibly “excited and honored” to welcome Muhammad Ali into Web3. McDonald emphasized that ASM’s artificial intelligence will make the game exciting, producing “limitless possibilities.” He also touted the partnership with Authentic Brands Group.

ASM has not set a timetable for the release of the game yet. People interested in the game can go to its website and follow any related social media channels for updates.

Blockchain Games Paving the Way for NFT Adoption

Although profile-pic projects are hot on NFT Twitter, it is blockchain games promoting the most widespread NFT adoption. As Rarity Sniper reported months ago, the Philippines is leading the way worldwide for NFT ownership, likely the result of powerhouse NFT game Axie Infinity. The reason is simple: Filipinos could earn more playing the game than they would at a minimum-wage job.

That concoction of fun gameplay plus earnings from selling in-game NFTs has proven addictive for some. Games like Axie Infinity, ZED RUN, and others provide a fun escape with the potential to substitute for or augment a regular salary. The top NFT games do that well.

Even though ASM has not revealed much about “Muhammad Ali — The Next Legends” yet, there is no doubt it could follow the same pattern. Time will tell if the game is successful, but it stands out in a landscape full of racing and creature battle games.