Linktree Enters Web3 with NFT Integration

Credit: Linktree

On May 17th, Linktree announced that it is integrating non-fungible tokens onto its platform. As part of the integration, there are three new NFT features of note:

  1. An NFT profile picture and background. Verified NFTs used as profile pictures will have a hexagonal border, while backgrounds will have a verification badge at the bottom of the profile.
  2. An NFT gallery. Users have the option of selecting NFTs to showcase on their profiles. There are two ways to do this. First, by connecting to OpenSea and verifying through MetaMask that you have purchased an NFT in the collection. The second is linking MetaMask and choosing the NFTs you want to display.
  3. An NFT lock. Users can lock certain links on their profiles using a smart contract address. Then, only other users who prove they own an NFT in a collection can access the link. This feature is there to make the distribution of benefits easier. If a collection owner wants to share a link with people who own NFTs in that collection, they now can.

Linktree created the features above in partnership with OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace. Nick Rizzuto, head of partnerships and innovation and Linktree, said OpenSea was a “natural partner” to help with the features. OpenSea was already popular with Linktree users, and its position at the forefront of the NFT space made it a good fit.

Alex Zaccaria, co-founder and CEO of Linktree, praised Web3 and the blockchain. He said this next iteration of the internet has given creators exciting methods to “monetize their passions and build their community.” Linktree is excited to be a site where people can aggregate and showcase their NFTs.

According to the press release, the NFT features are already active on the website.

Popular Websites Move to Integrate NFTs and Web3 Tech

After the non-fungible token market exploded in 2021, to the tune of billions in sales, popular websites have rushed to integrate NFTs. The most notable are social media sites, which announced their NFT intentions in 2022 in droves.

The most notable has been Meta, formerly known as Facebook. It announced this year that it would integrate NFTs into its Facebook and Instagram apps. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, reaffirmed this initiative in a conference call during the South by Southwest festival.

YouTube, as well, has said it would integrate NFTs into its platform but not just as verified profile pictures. In a statement, the company said it would eventually allow creators to mint and sell NFTs directly to their subscribers. Its initiative follows the pattern of Web3 companies that believe the technology allows public figures and fans to connect more easily.

And finally, there is Twitter, which the bulk of the NFT community calls home. Months back, it rolled out a verification feature for those using NFTs as profile pictures. Like the Linktree integration, verified NFTs used as profile pictures show up in a hexagonal frame.

Time will tell how the Linktree community reacts to the NFT integrations. But there’s no doubt that NFT technology and its uses continue to spread.