Shui “Serenity Keys” NFT Collection Elevates FW22 Runway

Credit: Kim Shui

The Kim Shui Fall/Winter 2022 collection debuted at Spring Studios recently, bringing an eclectic array of outfits fitted to a popping electronic beat and focusing on this year’s buzzword: non-fungible tokens. Notably, in the form of three digital jade keys.

See, Kim Shui is not just a fashion designer but also an NFT creator. And her three digital jade keys, dubbed the “Serenity Keys,” brought off-chain value to those NFT holders. Here is what they received:

  • Two tickets to the exclusive show for each NFT holder
  • The opportunity to choose a runway dress in their size
  • A surprise airdrop

According to, which spoke with Shui about her collection, the designer wanted to explore how digital objects could have off-chain value. She described the NFT-making process as “fun” with “a lot of possibilities.”

Shiu revealed that she chose the keys’ gem type — Jade — because the stone has many connotations in Chinese culture, including serenity, prosperity, and warding off bad luck. Currently, in diamond-handing mode, the NFT holders have not listed their Serenity Keys for sale, with some WETH offers hovering around the 0.5 ETH ($1,350) mark at this time of writing.

Fashion Embracing the NFT and Web 3.0 Movement

Fashion is just one of the many industries embracing NFTs, Web 3.0, and the metaverse at large. During March, top metaverse Decentraland will host a virtual fashion week, presumably where some fashion giants will be able to sell digital items for degens to wear.

Gucci has bought metaverse land and plans to create experiences that will entertain users, and Victoria’s Secret recently filed for trademarks related to the metaverse.

The possibilities of the metaverse are endless and particularly so for an industry that has been under fire. Digital goods require no physical components, and replicating them means just using a software program and clicking a button. This functionality means less impact on the environment.

Shui’s inventiveness also shows that real-world fashion companies can get creative and combine digital sales with off-chain value. This value would create more utility for the NFT collections and more use cases.

There’s no word whether Shui will do more after this first collection, but it would be interesting to see.