Solana’s DeGods Buys BIG3 Basketball Team for $625,000

Credit: Bebeto Matthews

The DeGods NFT community decided to buy a “big” basketball team. According to a recent press release, the DeGods DAO bought the 25 “fire-tier NFTs” associated with BIG3’s Killer 3s. Since each “fire-tier NFT” costs $25,000, DeGods spent $625,000 on this deal.

Co-created by rapper Ice Cube, BIG3 is a 3×3 basketball league that launched in 2017. Recently, Ice Cube decided to sell tiered BIG3 NFTs associated with each of the league’s 12 teams. These NFTs come with exclusive perks, including event experiences and partial IP rights. 

“Fire-tier NFTs” are the most valuable in the BIG3’s NFT collection. Whoever owns these NFTs enjoys the most sway in influencing the direction of a chosen team. In addition to championship rings and voting rights, fire-tier NFT holders could submit new merchandise designs for BIG3’s approval.

The DeGods NFT project has already announced the Killer 3s’ 2022 jerseys will have a DeGods logo. The DeGods community also wants to add its NFT imagery and brand name to televised BIG3 games. 

People who already hold a DeGods NFT are now eligible to mint one of 500 “gold-tier” Killer 3s’ NFTs. While the “gold-tier” isn’t as rare as the “fire-tier,” it still gives NFT holders benefits like exclusive merch, VIP experiences, and BIG3 tickets. 

Each BIG3 team has 975 “gold-tier NFTs.” These lower-tiered tokens sell for $5,000 per piece. Ice Cube hopes to raise $66 million from NFT sales to help grow BIG3’s presence in professional sports. 

Created in 2021 at a mint price of 3 SOL, DeGods is a popular 10K NFT collection on the Solana blockchain. The current floor price for one DeGods NFT is around 300 SOL (~ $27,600). 

DeGods Joins the “DOGE Army” in BIG3

DeGods may be the only NFT collection that bought a BIG3 team, but it’s not the only crypto project in the league. Interestingly, key members of the Dogecoin community recently took advantage of BIG3’s new ownership NFTs. 

The crypto wallet MyDoge bought the 25 “fire-tier NFTs” for the Aliens team. Similar to DeGods, MyDoge spent $625,000 for these exclusive NFTs. Since MyDoge bought these rights in Dogecoin, many reporters believe it could be the largest DOGE transaction ever. 

MyDoge and the Dogecoin Foundation say the Aliens team members will wear DOGE-related patches on their jerseys this season. The Dogecoin team also wants to integrate a DOGE tipping function into the BIG3. 

It’s also worth mentioning that BIG3 will air on CBS and the streaming app Paramount+. As Rarity Sniper recently reported, Paramount has been getting more involved in minting NFTs related to its media franchises. For instance, Paramount recently dropped “Star Trek” ship NFTs for an upcoming metaverse game.

However, there’s no news on whether Paramount plans to release NFTs related to BIG3 when the tournament airs this June.