Behr Brings Doodles NFTs to Austin’s SXSW Festival

Credit: Doodles

Paint manufacturer Behr partnered with Doodles NFTs to brighten up this year’s SXSW festival. From March 12th through the 14th, visitors at this Austin event could see how the Doodles’ iconic colors look in real life with the help of Behr’s new paint products.

According to Behr executives, the company offers three new colors inspired by the Doodles NFTs. Even if guests can’t attend this year’s SXSW festival, they could look up the following Doodles-themed options on Behr’s official website:

  • Upbeat P300-5
  • Lavender Sky P540-4
  • Periwinkle P530-4

In true metaverse fashion, Behr will let SXSW guests try each of these pastel-colored paints with the help of virtual technology. Behr also revealed on Twitter that it would offer its first NFT to visitors who scan the QR codes on its special paint cans. This exclusive Proof of Attendance Protocol (POAP) NFT features a hand-drawn design by Doodles’ lead artist Burnt Toast on a Behr paint can. 

For its grand finale, Behr says it plans to host a live musical event at the SXSW festival. There’s no word yet on what musician will perform or how this relates to the Doodles NFTs. 

Gary Vee’s VaynerNFT division claims it helped bring Behr and Doodles NFTs together for this project. 

Doodles NFTs Continue to Dominate OpenSea 

While the Behr partnership will bring more attention to Doodles, this collection of 10,000 NFTs has already earned “blue-chip” status in the NFT community. Currently, the lowest price for a Doodle NFT on OpenSea is about 11 ETH (or around $30,000). OpenSea data also suggests Doodles now has a 90-day volume of 60,304 ETH. 

Like Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs, Doodles have become incredibly popular profile pics with celebrities. Snoop Dogg and DJ Steve Aoki are just a few prominent names that have picked up one or more Doodles. The entrepreneur Gary Vee also bought Doodle #7020 for a reported 23.33 ETH (about $88,400). NFT fans may already know Gary Vee is behind the successful VeeFriends NFT collection.  

Some Doodles NFTs are so popular that collectors have paid millions to acquire them. In early 2022, NFTBOXES’ creator Pransky bought Doodle #6914 for 296.69 ETH (about $1.1 million). According to Rarity Sniper’s data, the “golden ape” Doodle #6914 is the 12th rarest in the Doodles collection. 

And it’s not just big-name celebrities and entrepreneurs that are jumping into the Doodles project. Rarity Sniper recently discovered the e-commerce company Shopify purchased Doodle #6902. Shopify hasn’t said how much it paid for this NFT, but most reports suggest Shopify spent at least $26,500. Currently, you can see this “blue puffer” NFT on Shopify’s official Twitter page.