Pharrell Williams is the New Chief Brand Officer at Doodles

Credit: WireImage / Doodles

A series of announcements were made by Doodles this week at an event that coincided with NFT.NYC, including news that Pharrell Williams will be appointed the new Chief Brand Officer of the blue-chip NFT collection.

Williams addressed a crowd of Doodle-holders via video at the Palladium Theater and pledged to “build from the core community” and “bring Doodles to new heights.” One project that could help achieve this goal is the news that Williams is collaborating with Columbia Records for a new album called ‘Doodles: Volume 1.’

The CEO of Doodles, Julian Holguin, also said that the ‘Doodles 2’ collection, which has just secured a round of funding from Seven Seven Six, a venture capital firm founded by Katelin Holloway and Alexis Ohanian, will be non-Ethereum based and more accessible.

Doodles is a family-friendly NFT collection co-founded by Burnt Toast alongside Web3 leaders Jordan Castro and Evan Keast. It launched in October 2021 and quickly built a strong and passionate community that includes other celebrity-musicians like Fat Joe, Future, and Justin Bieber.

Williams, a 13-time Grammy-winning producer, rapper, and songwriter will also be joining the Board at Doodles. Though he’ll be taking on more responsibility with the position, Pharrell is not a newcomer to the NFT space. Earlier in the year, he launched an NFT platform called the Gallery of Digital Assets (GODA).

Musicians Continue to Embrace Web3 Projects

While there’s plenty of news about companies, brands, and celebrities investing in NFTs and Web3 projects, musicians have been leading the charge from the beginning. At Rarity Sniper, nearly every day we cover another breaking story involving music, NFTs, and Web3.

Below are just a few of the most recent music projects related to NFTs, the metaverse, and blockchain technology:

One reason musicians are embracing Web3 projects is that NFTs and the metaverse are creating new and interesting ways to connect with fans. But perhaps more importantly, NFTs enable ownership rights and the chance to earn lifetime royalties on secondary sales from digital assets. In a profession that has been notoriously taken advantage of by middlemen, many musicians and producers are hopeful NFTs will put power back into the hands of artists.

We’ll have to wait and see what Pharrell can bring to the Doodles NFT Collection which is already ripe with stars and passionate followers, but when two stars like this team-up, the sky is the limit.