David Bowie Commemorative NFT Collection to Drop

Credit: MaxHitman

World Inc. is entering the non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace with a collection of NFTs from the original “BowieWorld,” the first global celebrity metaverse created in collaboration with rock star David Bowie.

The BowieWorld NFT drops will be hosted by CrossTower Inc., a popular crypto exchange and NFT marketplace. Specific dates will be announced leading up to the David Bowie World Fan Convention in Liverpool, England between June 17-19.

BowieWorld” debuted in 1999 as the first online interactive virtual world offering fans the chance to purchase Bowie avatars, art, music, apparel, and other merch from the artist. It also enabled users to interact with other fans from around the world and even meet Bowie himself — in avatar form, of course.

Although Bowie is known more for his transformative style of music than for his contribution to the Metaverse, “BowieWorld” — created long before the metaverse was a buzzword — brings light to the fact that Bowie was a pioneer in more ways than one.

Besides being known for creating the first celebrity 3D metaverses, World is known for its e-commerce platforms in virtual worlds and technologies that have been critical to interactive online multi-player gaming technologies.

World’s CEO Thom Kidrin will be presenting the “BowieWorld Odyssey” at the convention in Liverpool, where he’ll discuss the company’s collaboration with David Bowie and his son Duncan Jones to execute their visionary concepts, as well as reveal more details about the upcoming BowieWorld NFT drop.

Details about the price, quantity, or specific types of NFTs have yet to be released.

Celebrities Embrace NFTs as the Metaverse Expands

Since NFTs allow for digital assets to be bought and sold safely on the blockchain, they offer a whole new way for artists to reach fans, create new digital products, and retain ownership over their work. And as the metaverse evolves more into a reality, a myriad of celebrities, rappers, musicians, and influencers are betting on NFTs.

Listed below are a few recent NFT drops and moves in the metaverse space by famous musicians:

But unlike these big names, David Bowie and World Inc. got a jump on the metaverse long ago. Bowie fans will have to wait until June for more details about the upcoming BowieWorld NFT drop. But here at Rarity Sniper, we’re excited to hear what comes next.